Poltergeist Reviews


What are some reviews from the new Poltergeist movie?

Horrortalk calls it “a remake that apparently holds the source material in such high regard that it dares not deviate from it” and “an uninspired and unnecessary remake of a borderline horror classic.”  They claim you’d be better served watching the original.

The original 1982 Poltergeist was co-written by Steven Speilberg, and was rated PG.  However, according to The Toronto Times, the original movie was considered borderline between the R rating and PG.  There was not much blood in the original movie, except for a gory “bathroom scene.”

Inadvertently, Poltergeist (along with several other films) caused the MPAA, the U.S. movie ratings agency, to create a new PG-13 rating.

The Guardian calls the new Poltergeist an “unnecessary 3D reboot.”  They also write:  “Monster House director Gil Kenan doesn’t desecrate the grave of the original, but nor does he offer any convincing reason to raise it from the dead.”

The Daily News writes that the new visuals are “entertaining enough,” but also said the new movie adds “nothing of value.”

The Toronto Star says of the original 1982 Poltergeist:  “Poltergeist is hardly lacking in the scare department. There are enough frights here to give a prepubescent child lingering phobias: of the dark (nyctophobia), gnarly trees (hylophobia), clowns (coulrophobia) and grainy old television sets.”

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