Hugh Hewitt’s Inaccurate Prediction…

Conservative talk show host Hugh Hewitt said to MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” on Friday that he is happy with his participation in last Wednesday’s GOP debate, even though he did not have much on-air time.

He also made at least one incorrect prediction.

Hewitt said that Republican presidential candidate Scott Walker started the debate strong and then went on to predict that Walker was in it for the long haul.

“Keep an eye on him because he’s playing a very long game in Iowa,” Hewitt said. “Midwestern nice works there.”

Today, 9/21/2015, sources close to Walker have said that he has decided to end his run for the presidency.

Apparently, Hewitt’s debate performance didn’t live up to expectations.  The Washington Post called Hewitt “Donald Trump’s newest debate-moderator foil.”  According to MSNBC, Hewitt didn’t get much time on-air.

He commented on Carly Fiorina’s strong performance, saying that she’s a “force of nature” who is a “bit rather like [late British Prime Minister] Margaret Thatcher.”

Morning Joe asked Hewitt about his participation in the week’s debate.

“I think the audience speaks for itself,” Hewitt told MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” program. “Twenty-three million people [watched] for three hours, and I got the questions that were most important to me.”  He said he was able to ask about Syria, the burden of the Bush name, and national security.

“With 11 people on the stage, we went through the rundown for a couple of days,” he told the morning show. “I’m very comfortable with the fact that you need a quarterback,” said Hewitt, referring to CNN reporter Jake Tapper.

” I was a wide receiver, so was Dana [Bash], the ball came to us a few times, but I’ve told all my listeners and followers on Twitter, don’t be upset,” he said, according to Newsmax.

He said it was “unfortunate” that Donald Trump spoke for 19 minutes, while Walker only got nine minutes at the mic, but still, there were “fortunate” moments, such as the “longest sustained conversation about Iran and the Syrian hell hole that exists there.”

(Updated report)


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