House-Sitter Rents Out Apt. On Airbnb

According to the British newspaper The Guardian, a San Francisco couple went on vacation only to have their swanky apartment rented out on Airbnb without their knowledge. describes it:

“Burning Man. The ‘concierge economy’ gone awry. An ironic cardboard cutout of boyband sensation Niall Horan. It’s all here.”

The couple, whom The Guardian identifies with pseudonyms as “John and Ed,” was on their way to the Burning Man festival when they received a strange call.  It was some friends calling to express appreciation for letting them rent the apartment, which they found on Airbnb.

That struck “John and Ed” as odd, because they hadn’t listed their place on Airbnb.

It turns out that a house sitter, whom they had found through, wasn’t so trustworthy after all and had listed their apartment on the short-term Airbnb vacation rental listing site at $2,000 for five days.


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