Lanterns, Not Nooses, Hung From Trees, Claims University

Lantern photo

Three objects found hanging from a tree at the University of Delaware in Newark were not nooses or evidence of a hate crime as first suspected, school officials said Wednesday morning.  Instead, they said the objects were remnants of paper lanterns left after an event.

Critics immediately dismissed that conclusion as “a cover-up.”

U.D. officials had initialy condemned the apparent hate crime.

“I just believe U.D. doesn’t want an uproar on campus,” said president of the Voices 4 the Voiceless community advocacy group, Keith James, according to

James said he and others do not believe U.D’.s account and said photos the university released showing paper lanterns on a tree “don’t prove anything.”

Acting U.D. President Nancy M. Targett announced the finding in a statement and released the photos early Wednesday morning. The university did not say at what event the lanterns were used.  They only said that it occurred earlier this month.


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