Saudi royals destroying ancient Islamic buildings for their palace

Re-post: Are there similarities between Saudi Arabia and ISIS?

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This video about Saudi Arabia says about itself:

Development of Mecca

Joining the discussion of the potential destruction of some of Islam’s holy sites are Yaqub Zaki, Visiting Professor at the Aga Khan Foundation at Harvard University; Mona Siddiqui, Professor of Islamic and Religious Studies at the University of Glasgow; and Irfan Al Alawi, Executive Director of the Islamic Heritage Research Foundation.

The absolute monarchy in Saudi Arabia uses a fanatical form of Islam as state religion. They persecute other forms of Islam, eg, in their oil-rich eastern province and in Bahrain. In Bahrain, Saudi soldiers, jointly with the forces of their Bahraini royal satellite regime, destroy scores of ancient mosques. Shia mosques.

However, it turns out that in the holy city Mecca, the Saudi rulers destroy non-Shia Islamic monuments as well. This is much worse behaviour than Sultan Mehmed II of the Ottoman empire. This prince conquered…

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