Cat Shelter In Oregon Running Out Of Food


Salem Friends of Felines is an animal shelter in Salem, Oregon that unofficially collects donations of cat food to help community members in need feed their pets.  However, they recently ran quite low on cat food and are calling on supporters for donations to meet demand.

The Statesman-Journal writes:

“It seems that no matter how many ways this community comes together to offer free or reduced-cost spay and neuter assistance, the overpopulation of cats continues, and now one of the nonprofits that has tried valiantly for more than a decade to help is in need itself.”

Jeanie Sloan holds

Recently, Friends Of Felines put out an urgent plea for help with cat food donations for its free community cat-food bank.

Jeanie Sloan, the nonprofit’s executive director, said the program is an unofficial and is run by volunteers at the shelter. She said when there was a surplus of food, volunteers started stocking a shelf with food to give to people who foster kittens and community members on fixed incomes who feed feral cats.  However, that shelf has recently run out of food.

Sloan said the organization just adopted its 10,000th cat in just 11 years.  “As excited as we were with that accomplishment, we’re still trying to keep our focus, and that little section of our pantry stocked with some food so that we don’t have to turn away some seniors in our community who are living on limited incomes and keep feeding fixed, feral cats is in need,” she said.

“When our community donates food, we can save precious funds for other expenses. Normally our cupboard is pretty well stocked, and hopefully now that the summer is winding down we won’t have the problem again. But right now, our cupboard is bare,” she said.

You can contact and donate to Friends of Felines here:

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