German professor Jörg Baberowski hates refugees

Re-posted from Dear Kitty. Some blog. Migrants were applauded as they arrived in Germany. At the same time, a German professor argues against accepting migrants.

Dear Kitty. Some blog

This video says about itself:

“Welcome to Germany” – People applaud and greet migrants with gifts as they arrive in Munich

5 September 2015

Hundreds of migrants have arrived in Munich, Germany, after they were allowed to leave Hungary and cross through Austria.

They are among thousands who have been on the move after Germany and Austria agreed to take more refugees, waiving asylum rules.

By Christoph Dreier in Germany:

German academic Jörg Baberowski stirs up hatred against refugees

3 October 2015

In a number of recent articles and interviews, Jörg Baberowski, professor of Eastern European history at Humboldt University in Berlin, has argued for a drastic curtailment of the right to asylum. In doing so, he has employed the kinds of arguments one typically associates with the extreme right. The professor had previously made a name for himself defending Hitler apologist Ernst Nolte and relativizing the…

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