Jade Helm Ended Quietly Last Month

Whatever happened to the “massive” military exercise that was supposed to take over parts of the U.S. to establish martial law?

Sources claim that the military exercise ended quietly in the middle of September.  The New York Times states:

“In the end, the soldiers rumored to be going after people’s guns handed out plaques and offered handshakes. Conspiracy theories of a military invasion, with trains to transport shackled political prisoners and Blue Bell ice cream trucks doubling as portable refrigerated morgues, fizzled as the most controversial Special Forces activity eyewitnesses saw was some service members, on a lake, on Jet Skis. “

Jade Helm 15 officially ended on Tuesday, September 15th, wrapping up an eight-week military training exercise in Texas and six other southern and southwestern states.  The New York Times states that Army officials said the drill was conducted to provide Special Operations forces with a realistic war-game experience that included military personnel playing the roles of good guys and bad guys.  The NYT also stated that Jade Helm fueled concerns that it was a plot by the Obama administration and the military to impose martial law and create – as radio host Alex Jones reportedly described – a “technological infrastructure for authoritarian political control.”


“Naturally, there wasn’t a takeover of either Texas or the broader southwest, nor were there military personnel and vehicles parading through the streets of various towns desensitizing citizens to the idea of a slowly boiling military presence, eventually leading to martial law…”




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