Oil Slick In Britain Blamed On German Bombing From World War II

An oil slick that pollutes British shores in Wales has been blamed on an air raid by the German air force 75 years ago in World War II.

The slick was found on seaweed on beaches at Pembroke Dock, Pembrokeshire in September.

Officials said the crude oil is the result of the destruction caused by a devastating Luftwaffe attack on nearby oil refineries on August 19th, 1940.

The BBC states that the land has been designated as contaminated since the bombing of the oil depot.

In 1940, three German Junkers airplanes, escorted by two ME 109 fighters, targeted Admiralty oil tanks above the dock, causing a blaze that lasted for 18 days.

More than 22 fire teams and 650 men from across the UK were needed to put out the flames. Five from Cardiff lost their lives in the operations. 

Of the 18 tanks at the Llanreath Oil Tank Depot, 11 were destroyed and 33 million gallons of oil lost before the fire was eventually extinguished.

The Daily Mail U.K. reports that there was so much oil spilled as a result of the air raid that officials contained the contaminated land behind large earthen walls built around the refinery.





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