Are You Ready For Some Football?

Re-posted from In Saner Thought: Theodore Roosevelt used his influence to improve the safety of football and stop the sport from being banned.

In Saner Thought

Sunday and my last day of mental clarity……and guess what……I will give you some history that you will enjoy (go figure)……

America’s national pastime……FOOTBALL!

The football season is just a few weeks old….but did you know that was a time when the game was facing oblivion?

The world turns on the games of the week……there are fantasy football leagues where normal people go batcrap crazy putting together a team and  try desperately to win enough money to pay the rent……..then there is the collegiate teams which is much like legal insanity…..

But back at the turn of the century football was just catching hold in American colleges, especially in the Ivy League region… was so brutal that players died playing the game… college president decided it was time for this practice to end and pushed to abolish the sport on campus……

But one person who enjoyed the game stepped up…

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