Russian Plane ‘Shot Down’ By Turkish Fighters: British News

Syrian warplane

The International Business Times and several British newspapers are reporting that Turkey (part of the NATO alliance) shot down a Russian fighter plane over its airspace.

They report that social media users said there was a large explosion in Huraytan, northern Syria.

Last week Turkey said its jets had intercepted a Russian fighter in its airspace and the prime minister threatened to shoot down any plane that strayed in future.

Two Turkish F-16s forced the plane back into Syrian airspace on Saturday and Ahmet Davutoglu called in the Russian ambassador to protest.

He said on TV: “The Turkish armed forces have their orders. The necessary will be done even if a bird violates Turkey’s border. Rules of engagement are clear.”

Russia said the plane had entered Turkey “by mistake” and assured Ankara it would not happen again. Putin’s forces are currently supporting the Syrian regime by targeting President Bashir al-Assad’s opponents, including ISIS.

The US does not believe the violation was an error and officials held emergency talks.

Last Monday, Turkey’s military said a MIG-29 jet had harassed two Turkish F-16s for five minutes and 40 seconds on Sunday by locking its radar on to them.

The incident comes amid concerns over Russian air strikes in Syria against foreign-backed rebels.

The former chief of MI6 in England, Sir John Sawers, has warned there was a “real danger” of clashes between Russian and coalition warplanes if they mount rival operations in the skies over Syria.

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6 thoughts on “Russian Plane ‘Shot Down’ By Turkish Fighters: British News

  1. It really is stunning what Russia is doing in Syria … it feels so much like they are trying as hard as they possibly can to provoke a larger war with the West, which on so many levels makes no sense. Then again, we’re talking Putin, who just may be crazy.

  2. It seem to me Russia is are the only ones serials trying to fight ISIS and the west are spreading as much propaganda as they can to stop any support. Putin has said many times he was to fight alongside the west against ISIS but the ignore him.

      1. Agree but it was just iinteresting. Plus the Daily Mail appears to be the only source, which I find suppisious. Who knows, we’ll have to wait and see.

  3. Sorry I meant British media, there does not appear to be other countries. I have feeling this might be a red flag. I am not trusting the british media especially the BBC. Not against you, you just reporting what you see 🙂

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