Jimmy Carter And The Syrian Crisis

Re-posted from In Saner Thought: Carter – the best 4-year president?

In Saner Thought

First, I do not like to use the NYT as an authority on anything….their opinion pages are diverse and good….but the paper itself is not a reliable source of information…

Next, Jimmy Carter….I know that the GOP wants to demonize him every chance they get….but he was probably the most pious president we have ever had…..his work internationally is unprecedented…..he has worked for better understanding among nations without rest…..his choice was to make the world a better place…not to see how much money one could make by pretending to care.

Carter has taken on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and now has waded into the Syrian conflict with a possible plan to end this thing….

The United States, Turkey and Saudi Arabia should join with Russia and Iran to develop a peace plan for Syria.

Source: Jimmy Carter: A Five-Nation Plan to End the Syrian Crisis – The New York Times


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