14-Year Old Charged As Adult

A 14-year-old Racine, Wisconsin teen has been charged in the fatal shooting of his teenage girlfriend and now faces further charges after he allegedly became uncooperative and combative with deputies and detention center staff in late October.

The teen is accused in the September 10th shooting death of his girlfriend, writes the Journal Times. He is charged as an adult in the fatal shooting of the Horlick High School student.

Placing a 14-year-old high school student with prisoners who are 20, 25, or 30 might not be the best idea.

The teen is charged with first-degree reckless homicide, possession of a firearm by a felon, and possession of a short-barreled rifle in the shooting.

Racine County prosecutors on Tuesday charged the teen McQuay with disorderly conduct, resisting an officer and throwing bodily fluids at public safety workers. He was charged as an adult for these offenses as well.

The young man was charged after he allegedly acted out because he reportedly didn’t want to leave for court so early in the morning, and then began banging on and kicking the dayroom door in the detention center before throwing a cup of toilet water on two detention center workers and spitting in the one’s face, according to his criminal complaint.

On Oct. 28th, when Racine County sheriff’s deputies arrived to take the teen to court, the young man allegedly tried to turn toward a deputy and push back against him, so the deputy “directed (the boy) towards the wall near door 101 to stabilize (him).  (The young man’s) head (did) strike the door jamb and blood dripped from his forehead,” the complaint states.

Apparently, they slammed his head into a door jamb.

The article states that detention center staff found sterile gauze for his head wound and a doctor there applied surgical glue to the cut, according to the complaint.

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