Right-Wing Talk Show Host Calls For ‘Nuremberg Trials’ For President Obama


During an appearance with Newsmax TV’s Steve Malzberg, radio talk show host Michael Savage said he wanted President Barack Obama to face a new version of the Nuremberg Trials.

Savage denounced the President and said that “We’re living in a dictatorship. We need an impeachment right now, and more than that Steven, I’ve been calling on my show for the past few days, I’m so pissed off, for more than impeachment, because I know that can’t happen.”

“Remember the Nuremberg Trials in WWII, for what the Nazis had done to the world?” he asked host Steve Malzberg, according to MediaITE. “It sounds extremist but it really isn’t: we need a Wichita People’s Trial in America, conducted by the people online; prosecution, defense, jury. Is Obama guilty of crimes against America?”

Savage did not list what crimes for which the President should be prosecuted. He only mentions vaguely that “a very big figure in the media” said Savage had been “blacklisted” from main-stream media. Savage makes no mention of any crimes committed by the President.

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8 thoughts on “Right-Wing Talk Show Host Calls For ‘Nuremberg Trials’ For President Obama

  1. That Michael Savage still draws attention, still has an audience, still is allowed to spew his hate and stupidity over the airwaves is really one of the best examples of the fundamental problem in this country. Just stunning that he is still around and quoted by people.

      1. Because he hates America. Isn’t that enough for you??? As I just pointed out on my blog … he hates America so much he came into the worst economic situation in decades and when the Republicans demanded he do nothing, he refused and took steps to bring the country out of the Great Recession. Now, we have unemployment at its lowest level since before he took office. The lowest deficit since before he took office. And so much more. But, yes, he hates America and should be impeached. Oddly enough, the biggest problem that exists in this country today — that the rules are now designed to benefit the 1% at the expense of the 99% seems to be the one area that he and the Republicans agree on. It is my single biggest disappointment — that Obama didn’t take on the structural problem that exists in this country.

      2. I didn’t watch the whole thing. A number of years ago, for entertainment and to make sure my blood pressure was sufficiently high, I would listen to his radio show for a few minutes on my drive home from work. He was disgusting then and he clearly hasn’t changed.

      3. How does the man keep his eyebrows like that? Are they painted on? And, if so, maybe he shouldn’t have been drunk when it was done? Can’t believe I’m watching this crap now. I’m holding you responsible for what happens.

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