Elizabeth Hasselbeck Leaves Fox News Morning Program ‘To Spend More Time With Her Children’

Recently, Elisabeth Hasselbeck said that she’s leaving the “Fox & Friends” morning show to spend more time with her three children, according to AP press reports.

Her co-hosts, Steve Doocy and Brian Kilmeade, have been on the conservative morning talk show since it launched in 1998. It is the top-rated morning news show on cable.

Prior to being on Fox and Friends, Hasselbeck was the conservative voice on Whoopi Goldberg’s TV show “The View.”

She said in a statement Monday that she wants to start the day with her children first. She and her husband, former pro football quarterback Tim Hasselbeck, have two boys and a girl between the ages of 6 and 10.

“With a heart full of gratitude and the peace that God has given me, I am confident that this personal decision is the right one for our family, and we will be joining all of you watching ‘Fox & Friends’ each morning as we get ready for school together.”

Her last “Fox & Friends” show will be in late December. The AP writes that Fox will try out guest hosts before announcing a permanent successor.

(Updated article)



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