Fox News’ Tantaros Says We Shouldn’t Have Paid Family Leave Because The Government Spends Too Much Money On ‘Studies’

Raw Story

On Monday, Fox News’ Andrea Tantaros offered her analysis that the reason we don’t have a paid family leave law is because of all the “studies” funded by the government. She discussed this on the Fox News Channel’s TV show “Outnumbered.”


“Everything that progressives push for sounds great in theory, but there’s always the question of who is going to pay for it.”

“I have friends that are small business owners and it’s tough to put these mandates on them when they’re having trouble with all the other onerous rules and regulations that they’re facing from the government,” said Tantaros. “So again, the road to hell is always paved with good intentions.”

“Stop funding those stupid studies we’re funding, stop funding all these other programs and prioritize if this is something that’s important to the American people,” she added.


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