Will Canada Pull Out Of Iraq And Syria?

Earlier in the fall, Justin Trudeau – the new prime minister of Canada – opted to pull Canadian forces out of Iraq and Syria.

It is hard to find new information on that situation.

According to globalnews.ca:

“In the immediate aftermath of Friday’s attacks in Paris, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau seemed reluctant to say whether he’d be changing course on his government’s plan to pull Canadian fighter jets out of the skies over Syria and Iraq. Asked if the attacks gave him pause, Trudeau replied that ‘it is still early moments.’

“On Monday morning, however, he was unequivocal during a nearly 40-minute press conference in Turkey, where he was attending a G20 summit: Canada will end the bombing mission before March 30, 2016.”

Ipsos Market Research gave the results of a poll:

“Despite the government’s insistence that the air strikes against ISIS targets will end, two in three (68%) Canadians ‘agree’ (36% strongly/32% somewhat) that they ‘support the use of Canadian Forces Fighter Jets in the international coalition’s airstrikes against ISIS targets in Iraq and Syria’, while one in three (32%) ‘disagree’ (13% strongly/19% somewhat) with the mission. While strong, support for the airstrikes is down 6 points since March; opposition is up 6 points.

“While there exists strong support for the current air-strike mission, Canadians are split on whether Trudeau should keep his election promise to end the mission: one half (52%) agree (24% strongly/28% somewhat) that the Prime Minister should ‘stay committed to his campaign promise to remove Canadian CF-18 jets from the airstrike mission against ISIS targets in Iraq and Syria’, while the other half (48%) ‘disagree’ (22% strongly/26% somewhat) that he should keep his promise, ultimately believing he should keep the jets in their current mission.

“Three quarters (73%) of Canadians ‘agree’ (33% strongly/40% somewhat) that ‘the coalition of allies can win the war against ISIS’, while one quarter (27%) ‘disagrees’ (6% strongly/21% somewhat) that this is a battle that can be won. These figures are unchanged since March.”

cbc.ca write that Canada may pull its fighter planes out of the region, and instead focus on training local forces.

The Guardian and other sources claim that the new prime minister has not set a timetable for withdrawing the fighter jets.



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