Schwarzenegger Believes In Climate Change

Story image for arnold schwarzenegger from BBC NewsNBC states that former governor of California Arnold Schwarzenegger, who is now taking part in the Paris climate summit, believes in climate change.

“I, personally, want a plan,” the former California governor wrote. “I don’t want to be like the last horse and buggy salesman who was holding out as cars took over the roads. I don’t want to be the last investor in Blockbuster as Netflix emerged. That’s exactly what is going to happen to fossil fuels.”

He also doesn’t seem to care what people think of him.  He wrote on Facebook: “To use one of the four-letter words all of you commenters love, I don’t give a damn if you believe in climate change,” Schwarzenegger wrote on Facebook. “I couldn’t care less if you’re concerned about temperatures rising or melting glaciers. I doesn’t matter to me which of us is right about the science.”

“A clean energy future is a wise investment, and anyone who tells you otherwise is either wrong, or lying,” Schwarzenegger also wrote. “Either way, I wouldn’t take their investment advice.”

Is there such a thing as “long-term consequences?”

Schwarzenegger believes the average American is having trouble getting the danger posed by climate change over the long term, writes the Inquisitr.

“I think it is sad the way, you know, the miscommunication about climate change, because so many times, you know, you hear … that the oceans will rise, and the sea levels are rising and the temperature’s rising and the icebergs’ melting, and it’s all stuff that people cannot even relate to,” Schwarzenegger said, according to The Sacrmento Bee. “I mean, our brain is not wired that way, that we’re worried about things that are happening in 2050, or 50 years from now. It’s wired about what’s happening today, and no one – even the top environmental officials – really communicates this the right way.”

According to the BBC, Schwarzenegger also believes people should cut down on meat.  Farming creates an estimated 28% of global greenhouse gases, the body-builder and movie star told the BBC.

However, he said that asking people to go totally vegetarian would be too demanding and it would be better to give up meat once or twice a week.

He said many successful body-builders have avoided meat.

“You can get your protein many different ways,” he told BBC News.

“I have seen many body-builders and (weight) lifters that are vegetarians.

“My friend recommends stop eating meat. I think that’s a good idea but people won’t buy in.

“People will buy in to stop eating meat one or two days a week – you have to start slowly. It’s a very big challenge but it doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be done.”

Most public debate on climate change focuses on industry, but emissions associated with meat-eating and dairy products are causing increasing concern, writes the BBC.

Producing 1kg of meat protein is calculated to take between 3 and 10kg of vegetable protein.

The United Nations states that emissions from farming, forestry and fisheries have nearly doubled over the past 50 years and may increase by another 30% by 2050.



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