The Dynamics Of A Three-Way War

Secular Talk

The U.S. is attempting to get mixed up in a three-way war in Syria and Iraq.

What are the sides?

The leader of the Syrian government – Bashar Assad – is fighting Muslim rebel groups. This includes radical groups such as ISIS and al-Nusra. However, it also includes more moderate groups, such as the Free Syrian Army (or what's left of it).

Russia is on the side of Assad.

Where does the U.S. fit in? The U.S. is attempting to support moderate Muslims in their fight against both Assad and ISIS (who are also fighting each other).

At the last Republican presidential debate, presidential candidate Chris Christie said he would shoot down Russian planes in the Middle East if they didn't adhere to a no-fly zone.

Is he aware that Russia is fighting ISIS? Is this the best way to go about it? Is he aware that ISIS doesn't have an Air Force to speak of?

Governor Christie wrapped up his segment by calling President Obama a "feckless weakling."

Kyle Kulinski discusses it.


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