Bookies back Salmond to knock out Donald Trump in the boxing ring

Re-posted from Shaunynews: What do Scottish people feel about Donald Trump?

Living to help other disabled people, and people in need, Change the sign!! And Earth

download (7).jpg-pwrt3Typical Scottish man during a fight. Smiling 😀

There is a real story behind what is really a joke/fun story from the Herald. Donald Trump threatened to take his £700 Million out of Scotland and the SNP and most of Scotland replied with “Take your money and we don’t care” 😀 We here in Scotland see Trump as a racist fool. Sadly American’s like him and he could be a Danger. I posted a few things about Trump, I will leave them below and also some tweets for this story from around the World. I think Alex would have Trump, you?.. Reality is, I think most Scottish people, SNP included just wish he would take his money and never speak to us again, we get very bored easy with people in Scotland. The man is like a passing thought whilst taking the dog a walk in a snow storm


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