Seattle Architect Envisions ‘Lid’ Over I-5 Highway

This rendering shows where the park over Interstate 5 would run and details the various parts of the concept. Photo: Courtesy Patano Studio Architecture


Recently, reported that a Seattle architect would like to build a park as a “lid” over the I-5 freeway “trench” that cuts through the heart of Seattle.  He thinks it should happen now because the city is “booming,” though it could cost billions.

Architect Chris Patano always looked at I-5 as a massive scar that cut the city in half. Since last spring, his firm has developed a proposal for a 45-acre park that would serve as a roof above the freeway, with a convention center, a hotel, and an arena.  In his proposal, there’s room for parking, affordable housing, and nearly 300,000 feet of office space.

According to, parks have already been built above freeways in other places, including Dallas, Duluth, and Columbus, and Seattle has actually done it before – over another freeway, the I-90.


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