Op-Ed: Take A Look At Former Governor Martin O’Malley

This website recommends former governor Martin O’Malley for president, and cites his strong record as governor of Maryland for proof of his ability to get laws passed.

Anyone with liberal political leanings should be aware of his record.

While O’Malley was in office, Maryland raised their minimum wage to $10.10 an hour.

Under his stewardship, Maryland passed some of the nation’s toughest gun laws, the Maryland Firearms Safety Act of 2013.

O’Malley also repealed the death penalty, and closed the Maryland House of Correction in the town of Jessup, a notoriously violent maximum-security prison facility.

O’Malley has stated he is not afraid to hike the gas tax and has championed climate change legislation.

He legalized gay marriage in Maryland before the Supreme Court decision to legalize it nationwide.

O’Malley also approved in-state college tuition for illegal immigrants.

He signed a bill that decriminalizes the possession of small amounts of recreational marijuana and legalized medical marijuana.

Under O’Malley, Maryland instituted all-payer healthcare rate setting, which ensures that all insurance companies pay the same rate for the same service at a hospital. The model limits the growth in hospital spending per capita to growth in the state’s economy. This helps Maryland keep the costs of healthcare down.

According to Educatiion Week, Maryland has been in the top five for public school rankings in the nation for over five years.   The governor’s office states that Maryland has the number one ranking for holding down the cost of college tuition. (College Board)

Maryland also has the number one ranking for innovation and entrepreneurship for two years running. (U.S. Chamber of Commerce)

Most of the arguments against O’Malley are not substantive.  They are similar to arguments made against Al Gore, such as “he’s too polished” (compared to Bernie Sanders).  However, others believe he is “not polished enough” (compared to other politicians like Hillary Clinton), or that he isn’t “exciting enough.”  These arguments don’t hold water, as his record speaks for itself.



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