Will Hillary Clinton Release Transcrips Of Her Goldman Sachs Speeches?

According to Reuters, Hillary Clinton is resisting calls to release her transcripts of paid speeches she gave to Goldman Sachs and other big banks, saying she would hold onto them until political rival Bernie Sanders and others released theirs.

Sanders, who is her populist rival for the Democratic presidential nomination, said on Friday he had none to release because he does not give paid speeches to banks, writes Reuters.

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Sanders And Clinton Attend Same Church Service In Nevada At Same Time

Last Sunday,  Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders attended the same African-American church in West Las Vegas — an unexpected run-in that gave evidence of how intense the battle for votes between the two of them has become.

Sanders and his wife Jane and some members of his staff entered the Victory Missionary Baptist Church after Clinton was already seated, writes ABC.  The two candidates sat on opposite sides of the packed church, both in the front row, and each listened as the other addressed the crowd. Representative John Lewis was with Clinton.

Sanders spoke to the congregation first, because he reportedly contacted the church first about attending the service.

Pastor Fowler of Victory Baptist Church told his lively congregation, “I am encouraged by the fact that were willing to come sit in the same church, same service, same time.”