Lack Of Snow At Canadian Park Makes Moose Difficult to Spot

According to the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, the lack of snow at Fundy National Park in Canada has made spotting moose by helicopter a bit harder for students this year.

Students from the Maritime College of Forest Technology were taking part in a week of hands-on training at the park. Part of the training is the annual aerial moose survey that students were looking forward to.

“That’s probably going to be the highlight of the week for me,” said student Abby Greer.

The forestry students have been keeping moose survey records for the park for almost ten years, writes the CBC.

Instructor Rod Cumberland says that snow makes it easier to spot the moose from the air.

“Typically you like to have fresh snow where you can see moose tracks. We follow the tracks to find the moose and of course we age and sex them.  Those conditions are a little bit compromised this year,” said Cumberland to the CBC.