DMV Problems With Voter Registration

Voters in several states have had problems voting this year because of problems with registration at their Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV), write sources.

Voters in Arizona may have lost their party affiliation and been forced to cast provisional ballots in primaries this year because of errors at their state’s Motor Vehicle Division.

There was a widespread complaint this year that came from voters who learned records showed they were not registered with a party and were therefore were ineligible to vote in their primary. Many of these votersfrom both the Democratic and Republican parties, claimed they had decades of party participation.

In Texas, the Texas Civil Rights Project lawsuit asserts that more than 1,800 applicants at the Department of Public Safety did not receive the voter registrations they requested from September 2013 to May 2015.

“This is a mere fraction,” the lawsuit stated, noting that data were reviewed from just 123 of Texas’ 254 counties.

A county commissioner in Florida who sits on the canvassing board, Steven Abrams, says that hundreds of people had their party affiliation changed without their knowledge when they updated their driver’s license information.

As a result, people were unable to vote in Florida’s presidential primary because they were registered as having no party affiliation.