‘Reverse-Rigging’ Of Washington Primaries?

Is it possible for a primary to be rigged in favor of the underdog?

On Tuesday, May 24th, Washington state Democrats had a presidential primary, which is a bit odd, because they already had a caucus (most states have one or the other.)

The Washington state Democrats had presidential caucuses – not to be confused with their primary –  on Saturday, March 26th.

According to the website newstimes and NPR, the primary votes simply don’t count.  That is unfortunate for Hillary Clinton, because she won Tuesday’s primary vote handily, 54 percent to Bernie Sanders’ 46 percent.

The Atlantic states that Sanders already won 74 delegates, while Clinton won only 27, based on the March 26th caucuses.

Writes newstimes:

“On the Democratic side, Hillary Clinton edged out Bernie Sanders, but the results won’t affect the allocation of delegates to the Democratic National Convention: Democrats in Washington state ignore the results of the statewide primary and rely solely on the party caucus system, which Bernie Sanders won in March.”


“Clinton’s win might give her some momentum, but it won’t get her any delegates. There were no delegates at stake in the Democratic primary. Washington Democrats already awarded their delegates based on party caucuses.

“Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders won Washington’s caucuses in March, getting 74 delegates. Clinton got 27.”

The Atlantic writes that roughly 230,000 people participated in the Democratic caucus, The Stranger reported in March. However, more than 660,000 Democratic votes had been tallied in the primary as of Tuesday,according to The Seattle Times.

(Updated to correct title)




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