South Carolina Woman Suffers Burns, Loss Of Sight After Boyfriend Dumps Tar On Her

A Summerville, SC, woman suffered from burns and loss of sight after her boyfriend dumped tar on her, reportedly for waking him up.

Summerville officers responded to a home in reference to a domestic disturbance, writes When officers got to the front door they found a woman covered in a black liquid.

The woman was crying and saying,”It burns” repeatedly. The woman told the officers that her boyfriend had assaulted her.

According to the woman, the incident started when she went to wake Owens from a nap.

A police report states the boyfriend punched the victim in the face and threw roofing tar on her. The victim reported that she started to lose vision and couldn’t see.

According to the victim, Owens also threw her into a wall and a television during the fight.

An officer said there was a brief moment when the victim was able to open her eyes and the officer could see the victim’s eyes were “swollen, watery and bloodshot.”

Police said other injuries included a cut on her arm which was consistent being cut by a sharp object, a contusion above her left eye, multiple contusions on her right arm and shoulder.

The victim reported that she felt a burning sensation on her face and body.

Boyfriend pours tar on woman after she wakes him up


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