Trump’s View On Abortion: Leave It To The States

Donald Trump has made his views on abortion relatively clear: the legality of abortion should revert back to the states, and that if women in one state needed an abortion, “perhaps they would have to go to a different state” to get one.

What kind of effects would it have if abortion were legal in some states and illegal in others?

In an article by The Atlantic, the state of Texas shows us what can happen when women have to drive far distances to an abortion clinic.

A group called the Texas Policy Evaluation Project at The University of Texas began tracking women’s experiences in trying to get an abortion under these conditions.

From 2012 to 2015, the number of abortion clinics in Texas dropped from 41 to 17, and the average driving distance to an abortion clinic went from 72 to 111 miles.

Late in 2015, the researchers found between 100,000 and 240,000 Texas women had, over the course of their lifetimes, induced their own abortions—mostly by taking an abortifacient pill, but also by other means, including “getting hit or punched in the abdomen,” according to The Atlantic.

This information can be found in another article by The Atlantic entitled “Texas Women Are Inducing Their Own Abortions.”

Articles on the topic can be found below:


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