A Strange Story

The author is writing this because there seems to be nothing about it on the internet.

In roughly May of 1987, there was a party in Danville, Illinois. It was at the end of the school year, perhaps after prom. It was an informal party at a house. Many high school students came. There were drugs and alcohol. I believe all the people were whites.

During the party, a freshman named Matt Runyan and a senior named Mike Huff had sex with a freshman girl in front of everyone. Apparently it was some type of “gang bang” scenario. A sophomore named Chris Murray also took part in this.

Word has it that while they were having sex, other boys masturbated on the girl. After that, a few of them wrote all over the girl’s body with pens, creating fake tattoos, etc.

Supposedly another guy filmed the entire thing on video.

It was all very rock-and-roll. Unfortunately, it was also probably a rape. The girl was 14 or 15, so by age alone it would be considered statutory rape.

The freshman girl (who is now around 50) had a foreign-sounding name. Did racism play a role ?

No one was ever prosecuted. The girl and her family did not have them prosecuted. The girl never seemed to talk about the incident.

These people are still out there today, with kids and families, working regular jobs.

This story was confirmed to me by 3 or 4 people.

The author will cut these people some slack : I’ll assume that this party did NOT have the atmosphere of a satanic cult.

From what I understand, the atmosphere was that of a frat party, Girls Gone Wild, or Spring Break.

The event was always considered “borderline.” People wondered if it was some kind of date rape similar to the movie The Accused.

I have more names. I hesitate to publish names because of unintended consequences. However, it is believed that the whole thing was witnessed by sophomore Sarah Adair, who is married to Dr. Khalid Abbed, also of Danville. They are now roughly 52 years old and live in Connecticut and can be reached at 203-557-0290 and 203-785-2807. They are at 46 Turkey Hill Road S, Westport CT. Dr. Abbed works for Hartford Healthcare.

It is believed that another witness was Kristi Krauss, at 1711 Ashwood Avenue, Nashville, TN. Tel. 615-424-7487.

They would be happy to field any questions about the 1987 Huff-Runyan-Murray gang bang incident.

The author: I am a person who went to school with these people. I was in the same grade as the freshman girl.