Another Death From The Epidemic Of Violence And Bullying In The U.S.

A California teen who killed himself after years of bullying has sparked a community discussion about the destructive behavior while raising questions among his family about the way he was treated.

Adam Kizer, a 16-year-old sophomore at Sonoma Valley High School near San Francisco, died Saturday at a hospital after being taken off life support, his family said.

He hung himself four days earlier and did not respond to life-saving efforts, said his father, William Kizer.

Mr. Kizer said his son had been a target of bullying since elementary school in Wyoming, where other kids once bound him and poured gasoline on him.

According to, the abuse continued in Sonoma after the family moved there in 2011, with students at Sonoma Valley High picking on the slightly built teen with shaggy hair, encouraging him to take his own life, the father said.

In a show of community support, about 200 people attended a vigil Sunday night at the Sonoma Plaza. Makeshift shrines could be seen at a park near the school as well as on campus, where students were taking final exams before the end of the school year.

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New Reddit Anti-Bullying Policy

Sam Seder

Reddit is updating its policies on harassment and bullying. They will be taking a more active role to protect individuals while hoping to maintain their hands-free approach to moderation and community building, writes the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation.

Site administrators wrote on Friday that they are changing their practices “to prohibit attacks and harassment of individuals through Reddit…”

They defined harassment as: “Systematic and/or continued actions to torment or demean someone in a way that would make a reasonable person (1) conclude that Reddit is not a safe platform to express their ideas or participate in the conversation, or (2) fear for their safety or the safety of those around them.”

Administrators praised the social media network’s growth since its launch 10 years ago and also addressed a growth in harassment directed at individuals, writs the CBC.

They addressed specifically the posting of people’s private information, or links to people’s private information, without their consent (known as doxing).

Majority Report discusses it.

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Trial To Look At The Role Of Online Bullying In Suicide Death

A 15-year-old California girl hanged herself a week after three classmates photographed themselves sexually assaulting her at a 2012 party.  She reportedly was petrified the boys would circulate the photos online and believed gossip about her was spreading widely, according to

And perhaps it was spreading widely.

Audrie Pott’s story has captivated those concerned with teen bullying, which appears to be on the rise with the help of smartphones and social media.

A wrongful death trial this month in San Jose will determine whether bullying played a role in the girl’s suicide.  What do you think?

Lawyers are scheduled to argue Wednesday over what evidence the jury will hear, while opening statements are expected to start next week.

The three boys, now high school seniors, and other teens are expected to deliver uncomfortable and emotional testimony about the party where Audrie was sexually assaulted after passing out drunk, as well as about other events leading up to her death.


Is The Worlds Biggest Troll?

Kanye West is a loser, according to a Web site whose sole purpose is to name and shame people. As of the past few days, when you type “” into your browser, it automatically redirects to West’s Wikipedia page. (This, on top of the whole Beck feud? Woe is Kanye.)

But before you feel too bad for Kanye, consider that has also lambasted President Obama, Reddit. and Al Gore. In fact, according to The Washington Post, has been calling people schoolyard insults, in quiet, pointless obscurity, for the past 15 years. may just be the best troll you’ve never heard of, according to The Washington Post.

“The conceit of the gag is pretty basic. Someone, somewhere in the world registered the domain “” in 1997. (Early evidence suggests this person was a guy named Steven Armato, who liked “yo mama” jokes and Apple computers.),” states the Post.

Since then, appears to have changed hands several times and been made into several purposes along the way (a chat forum, a retail store, an ad platform for PUAs.)

“But since its early days, when was just a list of ‘cool Web pages’ and favorite stock picks, typing “” into your URL bar wouldn’t always take you to that page. Sometimes, the site’s mischievous owner(s) would set up a technique called URL redirection, which basically means that, when you type in ‘,’ it sends you to another page.”

In 2000, for instance, took you to the Web site of Al Gore, the person who “lost” that year’s election.

The Washington Post:  “The funny thing about the gag, besides the fact that it’s gone on so long, is that it’s so overwhelmingly pointless. sees so little traffic, most analytics sites don’t even track it — it’s like making a bad dad joke to an empty room.”

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Heroic Boy, 14, Stops Runaway School Bus After Classmate Hit Driver And Knocked Her Unconscious

Sneak attack: A 26-year-old woman was driving a school bus filled with a half-dozen students from an alternative school in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, when one of them came up behind her and punched her in the head

A 14-year-old Louisiana boy is being hailed as a hero for stopping an out-of-control school bus filled with high school students after a classmate knocked the driver unconscious, according to the Daily Mail.  

The 15-year-old suspect has been charged with assault for attacking the 26-year-old driver in Baton Rouge Thursday as she was dropping off about a half-dozen students from Christa McAuliffe Superintendent’s Academy.  The academy is an alternative school for teens with disciplinary problems.

Police and school officials say the female driver had stopped the bus at around 3pm at Linden Street to exchange words with the disruptive student.

According to the driver, when she turned away to face the road, the 15-year-old walked up behind her and punched the woman several times in the head until she passed out.

She then lost consciousness, her hands and feet slipped from the wheel and the brakes, and the bus started moving again.

That is when Tay’veon Slaughter, 14, jumped into action.

The quick-thinking eighth-grader slammed his foot on the breaks to stop the bus from crashing and called 911.

‘I knew I had to stop the bus because, you know, she’s not responding,’ he told the station WAFB, referring to the driver. ‘The bus was speeding up. So I knew if we get into a wreck, all of us would have been hurt.’

The 15-year-old suspect in the attack fled the bus before police responded to the scene.  Later that day, the teenager’s mother turned him in to police. The suspect was arrested on charges of battery of a bus operator, aggravated obstruction of a roadway and second-degree battery.

School officials say the 15-year-old has been suspended pending a disciplinary hearing and could face expulsion.

When the driver of the bus woke up, she did know she had been attacked and that her face was swollen.

The injured driver was taken to a hospital to be treated for her injures. She has since been released to continue her recovery at home.

Slaughter said that before the attack on the driver, the 15-year-old was throwing things out the widow and spitting at passing cars. The boy reportedly became upset when the driver asked him to stop and sit down.

When the 26-year-old woman regained consciousness, Slaughter said she did not know she had been punched.

‘She didn’t know that her face was swollen,’ the boy recalled to the New Orleans Advocate.

Averil Sanders, principal of Christa McAuliffe Superintendent’s Academy, said he was proud of Tay’veon for stepping up to the plate in an emergency situation.

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Iggy Azalea Quits Social Media Over Body Bullying

TYT Network

Rapper Iggy Azalea has decided to take a break from using social media after seeing some “shocking” comments about her body online.

“Since claiming she would be quitting social media last night, it looks like the rapper has done just that,” says ABC News.

Irish School Wants To Teach ‘Both Sides’ Of Gay Tolerance

It happens in Ireland, too?

This week, an Irish school canceled an anti-homophobic bullying workshop because people who think homophobic bullying is OK weren’t invited to enlighten children with their side of this hotly contested issue.

Shout Out, a group that provided training to fight homophobic bullying, claims their workshop leader was told the school had decided that “both sides of the argument should be given,” and so the workshop wasn’t allowed to go ahead.

The school’s board of management then issued a statement saying that parents sent letters “outlining their concerns regarding the workshop.”

The school in question, Colaiste Eoin in Dublin, is seen as actively promoting a “closeted” homophobic agenda while denying vulnerable students access to vital services.

In its public statement, Colaiste Eoin management references its Catholic School status as a reason for the workshop cancellation. This excuse is unsurprising. In Ireland Catholic schools are the norm, with the church running 3,000 out of the 3,200 primary schools and a decent chunk of the country’s secondary schools.

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Is Hunting A ‘White Sport?’

Eric Morris, the founder and president of the Black Wolf Hunting Club, is on a mission to get more African-Americans involved in hunting. He led a group last weekend on a hunting preserve.

Ridgeway, MO.

Is hunting a “whites only” sport?

Almost, because federal surveys show that less than 5 percent of all participants are black.

According to the Kansas City Star, a man named Eric Morris founded a hunting club – called the Black Wolf Hunting Club – in order to attract more African-Americans to hunting.

“There’s a huge perception that blacks don’t hunt,” said Morris, who led a group of hunters at the Harding Gamebirds hunting preserve in northern Missouri. “I know that’s what the surveys say. But look at this.”

He motioned to the black family he was leading on a hunting trip.  “This is proof that blacks can have a great time hunting. We just have to give them the opportunity.”

Sommari Muwwakkil celebrated with his daughters Eshante (from left), Inkera, Sommyia and Mikhia after shooting a pheasant last weekend at the Harding Gamebirds hunting preserve in northern Missouri. They participated in a hunt organized by the Black Wolf Hunting Club to introduce more African-Americans to hunting.

Through the Black Wolf Hunting Club, Morris and others attempt to provide that opportunity. They organize trips to preserves, where participants pay to hunt pen-raised birds, and introduce blacks young and not-so-young to hunting.

For many, it’s a unique experience. They weren’t brought up with hunting, as they were with fishing, Morris said.

Not feeling comfortable in rural settings, a lack of access, prejudice, the lack of role models — those are all excuses Morris has heard from fellow blacks as to why they don’t hunt.

Morris, who now lives in Platte City, didn’t face those barriers. He grew up in Alabama and taught himself to hunt.

Now he helps others discover the excitement of the sport.

“I had a life-long desire to go hunting,” said Sommari Muwwakkil, on a hunting trip with Morris. “I was brought up in Kansas City, and I didn’t know where to get started.

“Some landowners don’t trust African-Americans, and they aren’t going to give you access. And some of the public areas get hit so hard that it’s tough for a beginner to get out.

“So I really felt lost.”

But that changed, he said, when he met Morris.

After Morris gave a talk to a youth group, Muwwakkil approached him and asked him questions about getting started in hunting. Morris invited Muwwakkil to participate in a hunt, and he jumped at the chance.

Workers at Harding Gamebirds stocked pheasants and chukars in the thick strips of cover, then guide Jim Sparks released his chocolate Lab, Sarge, and his two English setters, Pete and Sid. It wasn’t long before the bird dogs picked up the scent and were on point.

Hunters flushed the birds and took turns shooting, keeping safety in mind. Shots rang out, birds fell and happy hunters watched as the dogs retrieved the game.

One of Muwwakkil’s daughters, Eshante, was among the successful.

“At first, I didn’t know how I would like this,” she said. “I was scared of shooting at first. I though the kick from a shotgun would hurt.

“But we started by shooting at clays (targets).Then when I went hunting, I loved it.”

She paused and laughed. “I think the boys are jealous that they don’t get to go,” she said. “They call me a hunting beast.”

Thomas, a major in the Army who is stationed at Fort Leavenworth, also is happy that Morris recruited him.

“I had deer hunted back home in South Carolina, but I had never been bird hunting,” he said. “It takes some getting used to.

“…but once you get used to it, it’s a lot of fun.”

That’s the kind of reaction Morris seeks. He has a passion for introducing blacks to hunting, even if he has to do it one person at a time.

“Seeing these kids come out here and have a great time, that’s special,” he said. “If we could get more blacks to come out and at least give hunting a chance, I think we could change the way people see things.

“I think there is untapped potential there.”


Lance Armstrong: All Bad?

Is Lance Armstrong 100% bad, or is he 70% or 40% bad?

Is the situation black and white or are there shades of grey?

Kyle Kulinski and his friend Corin discuss it.

Gun Enthusiast Meeting In Washington State With Extreme Language

“Three Percenters” leader Mike Vanderboegh speaks to opponents of a Washington State law expanding mandatory background checks at the grounds of the State Capitol in Olympia.  The law seeks to close the “gun show loophole.”

Here, Mike Vanderboegh threatens “second amendment remedies” to Washington state background check law.

Right Wing Watch video.