Is Bill O’Reilly ‘Bending A Little?’

Bill O’Reilly played “Devil’s advocate” recently and said that based on the recent DOJ report on Ferguson police, they were very specifically “targeting blacks,” according to MediaITE.

St. Louis radio talk show host McGraw Milhaven disputed some of the statistics, but O’Reilly didn’t buy into it.

O’Reilly said, “You don’t have to give a ticket to somebody who’s not crossing the street properly. They’re targeting it. They’re doing it for money, they want the money, and it’s an easy play.”

When Milhaven said “they’re targeting blacks and whites,” that set off O’Reilly again.  O’Reilly said they were clearly targeting blacks and it’s flat-out wrong.

More on The U.S. Attorney General’s report:

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LAPD Investigate Song Parody Mocking The Death Of Mike Brown

The LAPD are investigating LA Officers performing a song parody mocking the killing and death of Mike Brown.

According to the Huffington Post, the song was performed at a retired officer’s party.

Tim’s Take video.

Nancy Grace On Darren Wilson: ‘This Doesn’t Add Up’

Darren Wilson may be the first cop Nancy Grace has ever criticized. That’s what Grace herself, a former prosecutor and now TV host, said during an interview with CNN Newsroom anchor Brooke Baldwin on Wednesday.

Grace joined Baldwin to discuss the Ferguson grand jury decision Wednesday afternoon and she had a lot to say about Officer Wilson’s version of the story, which has finally come out through his testimony and interviews. According to her, the whole thing “doesn’t add up.”

“When people say, it does not add up, I will tell you what doesn’t add up, these photos,” Grace said, holding up copies pictures of Wilson’s face after the shooting. “I’ve looked at a them, I’ve studied them, and I was expecting to see his face mangled.” She added, “He doesn’t even have a bruise, right? It’s red.”

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Driver In Minneapolis Plows Through Protesters, Runs Over One

Police said the woman suffered minor injuries and was taken to the hospital by ambulance. The driver of the car later pulled over and called 911 to report the incident.

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Video from Tuesday, November 25th.

ABC Darren Wilson Interview

It has been reported that there will be an interview with Ferguson police officer Darren Wilson by George Stephanopoulos this evening.  ABC states it will be on World News Tonight at 6:30 p.m. EST.

CNN video.

NAACP President “Concerned” About Ferguson Grand Jury Decision

NAACP President Cornell William Brooks said he was “concerned” about the forthcoming grand jury decision in the Michael Brown shooting case because the prosecutor failed to act upon previous complaints about the Ferguson, Missouri police department and didn’t give the jurors sufficient instructions.

Police stepped up security in St. Louis on Sunday, with a grand jury to decide whether to indict a white officer – Darren Wilson – for shooting dead an unarmed black teenager.

Brown, a high-school graduate planning to go to technical college, was shot at least six times by Darren Wilson in the St. Louis suburb of Ferguson on August 9, inflaming racial tensions and sparking weeks of protests, some violent.

The mostly black suburb of 21,000, which has an overwhelmingly white police force and town government, has been on edge for several days in anticipation of the jury’s decision.

Metal interlocking fences and orange plastic barricades sealed off the Buzz Westfall Justice Center in Clayton, another suburb of the city of St. Louis and where the grand jury has been meeting, with a handful of uniformed officers on duty outside.  A police officer unfurled yellow police tape saying around the barricades, watched by a group of journalists in the rain.

There was no announcement from the grand jury over the weekend, but vocal protests continued in St. Louis Sunday night.

Owners have boarded up shops and businesses in the part of Ferguson where protests were concentrated in August, and also braced for a violent fallout regardless of the jury’s decision on Wilson.

Wilson reportedly told the grand jury he acted in self-defense after tussling with the youth. Others say Brown had his hands in the air when he was shot dead.

Ferguson Missouri Updates #Ferguson (Tim’s Take)

The grand jury for the Ferguson case is now planning to meet on Monday. A vote had been expected as early as Saturday in the fatal police shooting of Michael Brown.  Last week, Missouri Governor Jay Nixon announced a 30 Day State of Emergency.

Video by Tim’s Take

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