Who Is Boris Sokolov?


Boris Sokolov was a cameraman in the Soviet Army during World War II. He participated on the front lines in the heat of battle, including the liberation of Poland and the capture of Berlin, and was recognized for valor.  He also couldn’t keep his head down if he was to do his job.

Sokolov told euronews: “Our ‘weapon’ was a movie camera. We were sent to record the war on film, rather than fight. We were shooting with a camera, never with a gun.”

This year, Sokolov turned 95.

One interesting thing Sokolov filmed was the discovery of a corpse that looked exactly like Hitler at the Reichs Chancellery building in Berlin.

Because of the similar moustache and haircut, it was mistakenly believed to be the body of Hitler.  However, it turned out to be Gustav Weler, who was Hitler´s double.  Weler was executed in order to confuse the Allied troops, and when he was alive, he had also been “a decoy for security reasons.”

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Who Is Responsible for Saving World Heritage Treasures? – utalk


Euronews’ Utalk looks at the topic of protecting world heritage sites.

The question comes from Raja in Brussels: “Who is responsible for protecting World Heritage sites? In cases of conflict what can the international community do?”

The response is from Mechtild Rossler of Unesco’s Heritage Division: “The key responsibility of a site which is listed on the World Heritage list lies with the state that has ratified this convention. The problem comes when you are in a conflict zone where the state party may lose control over the area and the international community has to come in, in these circumstances.

“You may remember in the early 1990’s we saw the destruction in Dubrovnik,” said Rossler.  “Unesco immediately intervened. Those architects saved the roofs and Dubrovnik is today again today a jewel in Croatia.”

Building Collapse In Bangladesh


Police said at least five people were killed and about 100 feared trapped after a cement factory collapsed in Bangladesh on Thursday, according to Reuters.

Soldiers and sailors in the port town of Mongla helped emergency services search through the rubble and pull out more than 40 survivors, according to Reuters

Euronews claims at least six people have died and 30 more have been injured in the collapse.

Another 50 are still feared trapped, according to euronews.  Authorities said that up to 100 people were inside five-story cement factory at the time of the accident.

“Most of the people inside the building were the construction workers including the people who recovered alive … The recovery efforts are going on very carefully to avoid further risk” said Khulna district police chief Nizamul Haque Mollah, Reuters reported.

Possible Peace Deal In Mali


The Malian government has signed a peace agreement with some northern rebel groups, but the main armed coalition – Taureg – asked for more time to consult its grassroots, according to Aljazeera.

Toxic Orange Cloud Forces People Indoors After Chemical Explosion In Spain

Two or three people were injured in an explosion at a chemical plant in northern Spain on Thursday, according to euronews.

Authorities advised residents of several small towns near Barcelona to stay indoors as a large toxic orange cloud spread over the area.  Firefighters said some 65,000 residents of Igualada and four nearby towns were to stay indoors until the cloud dissipated, according to The Mirror.

The regional government of Catalonia said in a statement that the blast appeared to have been caused by two chemicals coming into contact during delivery to the plant, owned by Spanish company Simar.  According to The Mirror, the chemicals were reportedly nitric acid and ferric chloride.

The company Simar could not immediately be reached for comment.

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Euronews: Mafia Ring Busted


According to euronews, police in Rome recently have broken up a mafia drug ring arresting 26 people and seizing more than 600kg of cocaine and hashish. Those arrested were members of the infamous Ndrangheta mob group.

Anti-mafia magistrate Michele Prestipino says the Rome marketplace is strategic and helps mafia clans to accumulate criminal, political, and economic power.

‘Kosher Supermarket Hero’ Rewarded With French Citizenship


Lassana Bathily has been described as the hero of the Kosher supermarket siege.

He saved lives during the hostage drama by hiding shoppers in a freezer when a gunman stormed the building.

Today, January 20th, his efforts were rewarded with a special ceremony in which the 24-year-old was granted a French passport and a medal for bravery.

German PEGIDA Protest Cancelled Due To Terrorist Threat


Euronews claims that the weekly march in the German city of Dresden organized by the organisation PEGIDA – Patriotic Europeans against the “Islamization” of the West has been called off because of a security threat.

PEGIDA is an “anti-Islamization” movement in Germany.

Also, Several thousand people took to the streets of Berlin and other German cities on Monday night to protest their opposition to PEGIDA.

PEGIDA, which drew a record 25,000 to its march last week denies claims the group is racist and says it tries to distinguish between Islamists and most of Germany’s four million Muslims.

Europe On High Terror Alert

According to euronews, Europe is on high alert following anti-terror raids in several countries.

More than 20 people have been arrested on terrorism-related charges in Belgium, France, and Germany.


French Comedian Arrested For Comment On Facebook


The controversial French comedian Dieudonné M’bala M’bala has been arrested and is going to go to trial after posting a comment on his Facebook page that appeared to support Amedy Coulibaly, the terrorist who gunned down four hostages at a kosher supermarket in Paris last week.

He seemed to combine the name of the French satirical magazine with Coulibaly’s.

“I am finally going home. Know that this evening as far as I am concerned, I’m feeling Charlie Coulibaly,” he wrote on Sunday, hours after millions had taken part in rallies throughout France.

He later deleted the remark.