Baby Sea Lion Wanders Onto San Diego High School Grounds, Gets ‘Detained’ By Police

Sheriff’s deputies ‘detained’  a sea lion pup that wandered into Mar Vista High School in San Diego.

A baby sea lion was “detained” after trespassing into an Imperial Beach high school five blocks from the beach in San Diego, California, Friday, said the San Diego County Sheriff’s Office.

The pup was placed in a police car as animal control officers and Sea World employees arrived to care for him.

“While deputy sheriffs attempted to interview him as to his activities, he clammed up and requested his lawyer,” San Diego County Sheriff’s Office said in the statement titled, “The Sheriff Always gets his…Seal?”

High School Teacher Found Hanging In Classroom

KABC reported that a school in Placentia, California was shocked and wracked with grief after a 31-year-old teacher was found hanging by students in an El Dorado High School classroom Monday.

Authorities responded to a 911 call at the school at 8:34 a.m. and found Jillian Jacobson, of Anaheim, in full cardiac arrest.

It was an apparent suicide, according to CNN.


Russia To Build High Speed Rail

David Pakman

According to the Moscow Times, in mid-October, Russia and China signed a memorandum of cooperation to develop a high-speed rail network that included construction of a high-speed rail line from Moscow to Beijing.

“Trains are expected to hurtle along the new line at an average speed of 400 kilometers per hour, cutting the travel time between the two cities from the current six or more days to about 33 hours.”