Russian Missile Maker: MH-17 Shot Down by Buk M-1 Missile System

In regards to the downing of Malaysia Airlines flight MH-17, this website wrote In July, 2014 that AP journalists had seen a Buk M-1 missile system being transported in Ukraine at the town of Snizhne:

“According to the Huffington Post:  ‘…it was hard to miss the bulky missile system, also known as a Buk M-1. It left deep tread marks in the asphalt as it rumbled by in a small convoy.’”

“Apparently the vehicles stopped in front of journalists from The Associated Press.

“A man wearing unfamiliar fatigues and speaking with a distinctive Russian accent checked to make sure they weren’t filming.

Boden-Luft-Raketentransport BUK mit gestohlener Zugmaschine (Foto: Paris Match)

“The convoy later moved on, destination unknown in the heart of eastern Ukraine’s pro-Russia rebellion.

“Three hours later, people six miles (10 kilometers) west of Snizhne heard loud noises. and then they saw pieces of twisted metal — and bodies— fall from the sky.”

So, it appeared last July that the rebels in eastern Ukraine were in possession of a Buk M-1 missile launcher.

Recently, the Financial Times wrote:

“Russian weapons manufacturer Almaz-Antey has confirmed that Malaysia Airlines flight MH17 was shot down by a Buk missile system as suggested by the west, but said the rocket came from Ukrainian military stocks.

“The state-owned company presented what it said were the findings of an expert investigation as it seeks to challenge European Union sanctions in the EU’s General Court.

“At a rare press conference on Tuesday, company officials said if the Boeing was shot down by an air defence system, it could only have been a Buk-M1. ‘We have irrefutable proof that the Ukrainian Armed Forces have missiles of this type,’ said Yan Novikov, the company’s director-general.”

“Analysis of publicly-available pictures of the wreckage indicates that the missile was a Buk M1 series with a M38M1 warhead, CEO Yan Novikov told reporters, according to the TASS news agency and English-language news site, Sputnik,” writes NBC News.

So now, a person from the company that makes the Buk missile system is claiming that the plane MH-17 could have only been shot down by a Buk M-1 missile system.

Could pro-Russian rebels in eastern Ukraine have stolen a Buk M-1 system from Ukraine and used it shoot down MH-17?

According to The New York Times, On June 29, the official news agency RIA Novosti quoted a separatist from the self-proclaimed Donetsk People’s Republic saying that pro-Russia militants had “assumed control of A-1402 military base,” equipped with “Buk mobile surface-to-air missile systems.”

The New York Times also wrote, “As Jonathan Landay, a national security correspondent for McClatchy, pointed out, Russian state media had trumpeted the capture of ‘a Ukrainian anti-air military installation’ in the region…”

So, pro-Russian rebels had captured the Ukrainian A-1402 military base, which had Buk missile systems.  Ukraine had Buk M-1 missile systems.

The publication Paris Match claimed to have photographs of a Buk system that was being transported on a truck that was stolen in Donetsk, eastern Ukraine.

So, is it going too far to ask if it is possible that rebels from eastern Ukraine captured a Buk M-1 missile system and then used it?

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