Alex Jones On Police Brutality

InforWars can be difficult to figure out.

Sometimes host Alex Jones has good points, sometimes not. Watching it is like a game to figure out what is true and what is not.

Many of Alex Jones’ conspiracy theories may or may not be speculative. However, he has made some good points about police brutality.

NYPD Cop Steals Money From Man, Supposedly Pepper Sprays Others

The Brooklyn District Attorney’s office is investigating allegations that an NYPD cop wrongfully removed more than $1,000 from a man during a stop-and-frisk then pepper sprayed two people he did not arrest.  Lamard Joye is claiming an officer in Coney Island stole his money.

Police Break Car Window, Tase Man During Traffic Stop

Hammond, Indiana, police broke a car window and used a Taser on a passenger during a September traffic stop, according to a video recorded by a family member of the driver.

According to a federal lawsuit against the police department, the officers acted “intentionally with malice, wilfulness, and reckless indifference to the rights and safety of plaintiffs.”

Yet in a rebuttal the Hammond, Ind., police department said the officers feared the passenger had a weapon because he refused to leave the car and repeatedly reached into the back seat, according to the Chicago Tribune.

Man Gets Knocked Out For Smoking A Cigarette

There are several videos going around that depict recent police violence against blacks.

Here is a video of a young man recently getting knocked out by a plainclothes New York police officer for smoking a cigarette.  Reports state the event happened in Brooklyn.  The policeman claimed that at the time he thought the man was smoking marijuana.

Marcel Hamer, 17, was punched out June 4 as he pleaded with the officer that he was smoking a tobacco cigarette, not marijuana. ‘You wanna get f—-d up?’ the cop asks before punching him.  The officer has since been suspended in the latest viral video scandal for the NYPD.

The high-school student has complained of blurry vision, headaches, dizziness, and memory loss. His family says the knockout gave the teen brain damage.  The young man was taken to a hospital after the occurrence and handcuffed to his bed.  Now, the 17-year-old and his family have filed a civil suit against the New York Police Department.

Philadelphia: Police Brutality Against A Fellow Police Officer?

g1npccopp21c_1Many brutality lawsuits are filed against the Philadelphia Police Department every year. But it’s unusual for an officer, a sergeant no less, to make those charges.  But that is what Sgt Brandon Ruff did on Monday.

Ruff says he suffered two sprained wrists and two sprained shoulders after he was roughed up by officers in the 35th precinct.  The suit is being filed in the U.S. District Court in Philadelphia.  Ruff is an eight-year veteran assigned to the 16th precinct.

Ruff drove to the 35th District station in order to turn in a few firearms.

The officer asked who owned the guns. Ruff – who refused to identify the owner — said he was turning them in under a “no-questions-asked” policy and asked to speak to a supervisor, the suit states.

But according to a police spokesman, a “no-questions-asked” policy does not exist outside of periodic gun-amnesty programs.

A supervisor failed to appear, and another officer demanded to see Ruff’s identification. He told her that he didn’t have a state ID on him but had his work ID instead. Ruff asked to make a phone call outside the building. As he walked out, someone shouted, “There he is,” the suit states.

Another officer came up behind Ruff and twisted his right hand behind his back. More than five officers ran to the scene. At that point, Ruff used a code number to identify himself as a fellow officer and said that his ID was in his pocket, according to the suit.

Two of those police officers held Tasers to his chest and rib cage and threatened to activate them.

One of the officers spotted a weapon holstered to Ruff’s hip and demanded, “Why the hell would you come into a police station with a gun on your hip? Where is your permit to carry?” Ruff responded that his police officer ID was his permit to carry, according to the suit.  Ruff was held for six hours and released.