Why Doesn’t The Media Cover Outsourcing?

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Does the media cover job outsourcing enough?

According to The Wall Street Journal, U.S. multinational corporations, which employ a fifth of all American workers, have been hiring abroad while cutting back at home.

Raw Story writes:

“Outsourcing (or offshoring) is a bigger contributor to unemployment in the U.S. than laziness.

“Since 2000, U.S. multinationals have cut 2.9 million jobs here while increasing employment overseas by 2.4 million. This is likely just the tip of the iceberg…”



House Select Committee On Benghazi Chairman Trey Gowdy On Face The Nation

Face The Nation

ThinkProgress reports:

“Of the seven previous investigations, two were bipartisan investigations conducted by the U.S. Senate. But the majority were GOP-led investigations by Gowdy’s fellow Congressional Republicans.

“They included the House Committee on Armed Services, chaired by then-Rep. Buck McKeon (R-CA), the House Committee on Foreign Affairs, chaired by Rep. Ed Royce (R-CA); the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence, lead by then-Rep. Mike Rogers (R-MI); the House Committee on the Judiciary, chaired by Rep. Bob Goodlatte (R-VA); and the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform committee, chaired by Rep. Darrell Issa (R-CA).

“When he announced that he was appointed Gowdy’s Benghazi committee, Speaker of the House John Boehner (R-OH) praised the five other investigations for their ‘extraordinary work, using their subpoena power, holding dozens of hearings, and conducting hundreds of interviews.'”

Above is an interview on the show Face The Nation with the Chairman of the House Select Committee on Benghazi, Trey Gowdy.

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Benghazi Committee Chairman Trey Gowdy To Retire?

On September 29th, Representative Trey Gowdy, the Chairman of the House Select Committee on Benghazi, declined his colleagues’ calls for him to run for House majority leader.

The next day, one of them claimed he would retire, according to U.S. News and World Report.

“Trey wants to go back to South Carolina, and God bless him for that,” Rep. John Fleming, R-La., said on C-SPAN Wednesday morning.

Fleming was interpreting something the South Carolina Republican reportedly said during a GOP caucus meeting.  He said Gowdy would leave Congress at the end of his term.

“He plans to go back home, and he wants to finish his work on the Benghazi special committee, but he loves South Carolina and he loves his family, and he wants to go back and spend the rest of his life there,” Fleming explained.

“He’ll be sorely missed,” he added.

Gowdy’s office, however, immediately denied Fleming’s interpretation.

“No, he is not announcing his retirement,” Gowdy’s spokeswoman Amanda Duvall said to the Washington Examiner.” He has not made any announcement on 2016, anything else is incorrect,” Duvall said according to U.S. News.

Gowdy was first elected in the tea party wave of 2010 and represents South Carolina’s conservative 4th District. And while he has indicated in the past his intentions to return to South Carolina at some point, he apparently is not going yet.

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Dr. Ben Carson Describes His Own Experience At The Point Of A Gun

The Young Turks

Recently, Ben Carson faced a criticism after he argued that the students in the Oregon community college should have tackled the gunman to prevent him from killing additional people. He went on a Sirius XM radio show to elaborate.

He also described his own experience being at the point of a gun at a Popeye’s restaurant.

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Republican Presidential Contender Lindsey Graham Decides He Likes Disaster Relief After All

Republican presidential candidate Lindsey Graham is asking for federal aid for his home state of South Carolina as it fights raging floods.  However, according to CNN, Graham voted to oppose similar aid for New Jersey in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy in 2013.

“Let’s just get through this thing, and whatever it costs, it costs,” Graham told CNN’s Wolf Blitzer on CNN on Monday.

Graham was among the senators who opposed a federal aid package in January 2013 to assist states hit by Hurricane Sandy, but now he doesn’t seem to remember it, according to CNN.

“I’m all for helping the people in New Jersey. I don’t really remember me voting that way,” Graham said to CNN.

When pressed further, Graham said: “Anyway, I don’t really recall that, but I’d be glad to look and tell you why I did vote no, if I did.”



Does Trump Sound Reasonable On The Middle East?


Trump seems to “get it” when speaking about the Middle East.

He understands the basics, such as the fact that Syria’s Bashar al-Assad and ISIS are fighting each other.  He understands that the U.S. wants to support “moderate” Muslims who will fight both Assad and ISIS.

In an interview with Chuck Todd of NBC’s Meet The Press, when asked if he believes the Middle East would be better today if Moammar Gadhafi of Libya and Saddam Hussein of Iraq were still in power, he essentially agreed with that view.

He related the situations in both of those countries to Syria, and seemed to endorse leaving President Bashar al-Assad in power, though he is still “probably a bad guy.”

Does Trump have a point?

“You can make the case, if you look at Libya, look at what we did there – it’s a mess – if you look at Saddam Hussein with Iraq, look what we did there – it’s a mess – it’s [Syria] going to be same thing,” the businessman said.

In regards to Iraq, Trump echoed a line from his campaign: “Don’t forget, ISIS came out of Iraq,” Trump said, and called the terror group “the leftovers that didn’t get taken care of.”