Pro-Gay Marriage Advertisement Banned In Tennessee

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According to The Huffington Post, Dr. Jesse Ehrenfeld, a combat anesthesiologist who served in Afghanistan with the Navy, recently appeared with his partner in an ad made by the group Freedom To Marry.

An NBC-affiliated TV station in Tennessee, has declined to air the pro-gay marriage ad, writes The Huffington Post.  WRCB president and general manager Tom Tolar said his station had no position on ads on same-sex marriage until this week when they reviewed the commercial. He said it chose not to run the ad because they felt it was too controversial.

Chuck Todd In Mitch McConnell Commercial

The fact that some of journalist Chuck Todd’s statements seemed biased enough to appear in a Mitch McConnell campaign ad might cause some to question his objectivity. It also causes one to wonder about copyright laws and whether Todd allowed the advertisement.

Kyle Kulinski On Phil Robertson Political Ad

Phil Robertson of Duck Dynasty fame made a political ad for his nephew Zach Dasher, who is running for Congressman in Louisiana.

Kyle Kulinski gives his commentary.