Fox News’ Kennedy Montgomery: If Climate Change Is More Dangerous Than Terrorism, ‘You Would Vomit All Over The White House’

The right wing has taken up some confusing positions on the murder of Kayla Mueller by ISIS. They have nearly praised it (due to her anti-Zionist beliefs). At the same time, they use her murder to complain that the White House isn’t doing enough against ISIS.

Recently, Fox News’ Kennedy Montgomery said that “If you’re Kayla Mueller’s family and you hear the president say that climate change is more dangerous than terrorism, you would vomit all over the White House…”

Sam Seder

I.S. Hostage Kayla Mueller Confirmed Dead; How She Died Not Confirmed


The United States has confirmed the death of aid worker and ISIL hostage Kayla Mueller.

Her family says they are heartbroken.

It comes four days after her Islamist captors claimed she had been killed by a coalition airstrike by Jordanian fighter jets outside Raqqa, the capital of the extremists’ self-proclaimed caliphate.

President Obama said the U.S. “would find and bring to justice the terrorists who were responsible.”