Europe On High Terror Alert

According to euronews, Europe is on high alert following anti-terror raids in several countries.

More than 20 people have been arrested on terrorism-related charges in Belgium, France, and Germany.


Two Suspected Islamists Killed In Shootout With Police In Belgium

According to euronews, police officers carried out an anti-terror raid in the town of Verviers, Belgium, that left two suspected Islamists dead. This was one of several raids nationwide against jihadists thought to have returned from Syria’s civil war.

Authorities investigating an alleged terror cell said they believed it was on the point of committing major terrorist attacks in Belgium.

“As search warrants were being carried out, the suspects immediately opened fire for some minutes with military weaponry and handguns on special federal police units before being neutralised,” Assistant Public Prosecutor Thierry Werts told reporters in Belgium.


King Leopold II

King Leopold II was the king of Belgium from 1865 to 1909.  He is relatively unknown in the U.S., probably because the U.S. and Belgium never went to war against each other.   But he is still some kind of criminal – and if not a war criminal,  he is certainly guilty of enslavement.  From 1885 to 1908, the people of the Congo were enslaved and forced to work at rubber plantations.   Slaves were brutally punished if they did not make their quota.  People died of murder, disease, exhaustion, and starvation.   One form of punishment was to remove a slave’s right hand.  It has been estimated that roughly 10 million people died during king Leopold’s colonizing reign of terror.  After 1908, power over the Congo was taken from king Leopold II and granted to another area of the Belgian government due to international outrage.  Unfortunately, slavery – in more subtle forms – still continued for decades.