MSNBC’s Reaction To Netanyahu’s ‘State Of The Union Address’

Is it acceptable for a foreign leader to give a “State of the Union”-style speech to the U.S. government?  Would it be okay if Vladimir Putin did the same?

TYT Network discusses MSNBC’s reaction to the recent speech given by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to both houses of the United States Congress. MSNBC’s Chris Matthews was less than pleased.

Could Netanyahu’s speech have been an attempt to de-rail the President’s current P5+1 talks with Iran over its nuclear program?

Interestingly, Senate Republican leaders had been planning to take a bill next week that would have given Congress an up-or-down vote on any agreement international negotiators make with Iran.

CNN: “Senate Republican leaders ditched plans Thursday to take up a bill next week that would have given Congress an up-or-down vote on any agreement international negotiators — led by the United States — make with Iran on its nuclear program, an aide to Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell told CNN.

“The move comes after Democrats, who were upset GOP leaders decided to fast-track the legislation, threatened to block taking up the bill. Democrats fear immediate consideration could disrupt the sensitive talks with Iran that face an important March 24 deadline.”

The National Review writes about Matthews:  “He saw the speech as an attempt to sabotage and undermine the nuclear negotiations between the U.S. and it’s allies and Iran. Matthews has been quoted as saying, ‘This man, from a foreign government, walked into the United States legislative chamber and tried to take over U.S. foreign policy.'”

TYT Network

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Morning Joe On Benjamin Netanyahu’s Speech To Congress


Mika Brzezinski takes on Joe Scarborough over the speech given by Benjamin Netanyahu before the U.S. Congress, saying that Scarborough “talks out of both sides of his mouth.”

MSNBC panelists Bob Woodward, Jeffrey Goldberg, Andrea Mitchell, and Michael Steele join to discuss the speech.

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MSNBC On Netanyahu Speech: He Didn’t Explain His Alternative Plan

Chris Matthews of MSNBC reacts to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s speech to Congress, saying, “I don’t think he ever explained his alternative” to the P5+1 negotiations.


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Crump To Represent Family Of Unarmed Man Shot in Pasco, WA

LoneWolf Sager

The family of an unarmed Mexican man who was fatally shot by the Washington State Police say they are seeking justice — with the help of Benjamin Crump, the civil rights attorney who represented Michael Brown’s family in Ferguson, Mo., according to The New York Daily News.  Crump also represented the family of Trayvon Marton in Florida.

Shown speaking to media outside a funeral home are Antonio Zambrano-Montes' mother, Agapita Montes-Rivera, second from right; her daughter, Rose Elena Zambrano-Montes, second from left; attorney Benjamin Crump, right; and interpreter Fabian Ubay, left.

Antonio Zambrano-Montes, 35, was killed by police officers in Pasco, WA on February 10th, and the incident was captured on video and has caused regional protests.

The victim’s family hired high-profile attorney Benjamin Crump to represent them, a week after a different attorney filed a $25 million claim against the city on their behalf.

“The family wants the truth out,” Crump told the Tri-City Herald. “That’s one of the things they called me for.”

Crump — who represented the family of Trayvon Martin, the black teenager killed by neighborhood watch leader George Zimmerman in 2012 — said he planned to review video of Zambrano-Montes’ death to see if the shooting was “appropriate.”

A video recording by Dario Infante Zuniga, 21, captures the moments after police say Zambrano-Montes began hurling rocks at officers.

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Ring Of Fire: Does Netanyahu Want A War With Iran?

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has asked to speak to Congress in March.

While this normally wouldn’t seem out of the ordinary by normal political means, Netanyahu coordinated the visit with House Speaker John Boehner rather than the Obama administration in an effort to win support for sanctions against Iran – an atypical move.

Ring of Fire’s Mike Papantonio and Sam Seder discuss whether Netanyahu wants a war with Iran.

Majority Report / Ring of Fire

Netanyahu Invite Skips Over White House

When you have to say “I don’t believe I am poking anyone in the eye,” then you are probably poking someone in the eye…

CNN discusses John Boehner’s direct invite to the Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanjahu and why the White House may be upset.