Is The Illuminati A Bunch Of B.S.?

The answer to that is not clear.

However, The Lip TV’s Sean Stone spoke with a purported expert on the topic.

Fritz Springmeier is best known for self-published books exposing the Illuminati secret society.

Since 1990, he has been exposing the New World Order through books, articles, public talks and radio interviews.

Springmeier explains the origins of the secret society – from its mysterious genealogical lineage outlining the top families involved to the secret rituals undertaken by participants.  He also looks at the state of the Illuminati in today’s modern world and its impact on pop culture and major celebrities.

The Lip TV

Alex Jones Theorizes About Obama Assassination

Recently, conspiracy-theorist Republican Alex Jones, the host of, speculated about the possibility of a President Obama assassination.

He explained that it could be part of a larger plot against the U.S. and a “false flag” used to blame Obama’s enemies.

As for Jones’ politics, Wikipedia states “In early 2000, Jones was one of seven Republican candidates for state representative in Texas House District 48, an open seat swing district based in Austin, Texas.” calls Jones “America’s Leading Conspiracy Theorist.”

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