Prisoners In Sexy Outfits Seduce Guards And Break Out Of Prison

Twenty-eight inmates escaped from a Brazilian jail after three women in “fantasy police” outfits reportedly seduced prison wardens. ┬áThe event happened in February.

Police found three wardens naked and handcuffed inside the Nova Mutum public jail, near Cuiaba, central Brazil, the morning after the break-out.

The women reportedly drugged the prison guards by giving them spiked whisky after convincing them to take part in an orgy, according to investigators.

Inmates then left the prison through the main doors, even taking with them guns and munitions they had taken from prison caches.

Police later found a bag of lingerie and “dominatrix” police uniforms believed to have been worn by the seducers, states starrfmonline.

Photos of one the naked wardens, believed to have been leaked by amused police officers who found him, have been shared thousands of times on social network sites.

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