Canadian Couple Sues U.S. Sperm Bank For Misrepresentation Of Donor

Canadians Angela Collins and Margaret Elizabeth Hanson thought they were opting for a highly educated man with an “impressive health history” when they selected a donor from a U.S.-based sperm bank to start their family, states The Globe And Mail.

However, now the couple is seeking damages for pain, suffering, and financial losses from the company Xytex Corporation in a lawsuit filed in a Georgia court last week.

Years after the birth of their son, the Port Hope, Ontario, the couple learned that they hadn’t been told their donor was a schizophrenic college dropout with a criminal record, the couple claims.

It could become a “class action lawsuit” – the Canadian couple isn’t the only one affected by the situation, according to Hersh.  The suit states the donor appears to have fathered 36 children and Hersh said she had at least 15 other clients who may join the suit.


Cruz Renounces Canadian Citizenship

TYT Network

Texas Republican Senator Ted Cruz has announced his bid for President of the United States in the 2016 Presidential race.

This makes him the first to announce his intention to run, hoping to become the Republican candidate.

Conservative groups treat him as a hero.  Recently, Cruz – who was born in Canada to a Cuban father – gave up his Canadian citizenship, according to TYT.

Canadian Woman Gets $950,000 Hospital Bill For Having Birth In U.S.

A Canadian woman recently gave birth in America while on vacation. She now owes nearly 1 Million dollars for complications related to her pregnancy.

Canadian news group Truth Mashup takes a look at it.

Truth Mashup video.

Are People Interested In Politics?

Truth Mashup is the Canadian Channel in TYT Network. Dan Speerin and Vince Kesavamoorthy critique news, politics and pop culture in North America.

The two have a conversation about how society looks at those of us who care about politics.

They also look at the networks that no longer want to air political speeches and the public being less informed. The two feel that it’s almost seen as “bad” to care about current events.