Senator Believes That Police Chief Who Exposed Josh Duggar Should Face Criminal Charges

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A Republican politician in Arkansas called for the termination of the police chief who released a 2006 offense report alleging that Josh Duggar, of TLC’s “19 Kids and Counting,” molested five underage girls when he was a teenager.

State Senator Bart Hester (R) told local TV station KFSM that he believed Springdale Police Chief Kathy O’Kelly compromised the identities of the eldest Duggar’s alleged victims by releasing the police report, writes Talking Points Memo.

“I believe it is unavoidable that the Springdale police chief should be terminated. She has re-victimized these young ladies,” said Hester.

Tabloid magazine In Touch Weekly reportedly published the offense report, which it obtained through a public records request.

According to TPM, the names of the victims, as well as Josh Duggar’s name, were redacted. The report was destroyed the same day it was published in the magazine by order of Judge Stacey Zimmerman, writes TPM.

‘Ludicrous’ Red Tape Delaying New Zealand Earthquake Rebuild

Developers in Christchurch, New Zealand say that “ludicrous” rules are delaying the city’s rebuild from an earthquake that happened in February  of 2011.

Building owner Richard Peebles said the Christchurch City Council consenting department had become more efficient but was still asking “ridiculous” questions.  He said the consenting process for construction was “bananas.”

“The red tape is just f…… unbelievable.”

His Kilmore St/Cambridge Tce building was in its fifth month in the consenting process, Peebles said.

The council asked him how he planned to clean the building’s windows.

“I went back and said ‘warm water and a soapy cloth’. I’ve never known that to be part of your consent process.”

He blamed legislation, rather than the council.

For another building, the council had asked him to move a disabled toilet 20 millimeters because it would fail compliance otherwise.

Requests like these were “delaying the rebuild”, Peebles said.

“We were asked to show one of our car parks would be able to hold a fire engine. We had to prove a truck would not fall through the seal.”

Developer Antony Gough said the consenting process seemed “ludicrous” at times and made life difficult for developers.

Part of his central city development The Terrace failed council inspection because fire exits were not the required eight meters (roughly 25ft) apart.

The council agreed on a second fire escape that could be accessed though “a maze of corridors”.

“The solution was technically right but did not make any sense on a practical level,” he said.

Council inspectors were being “pedantic” and their overly cautious approach slowed down the rebuild, Gough said.

Not everyone had a problem with delays.  Developer Nick Hunt said he had no complaints.  Hunt is developing a retail and office complex.

Council inspectors had been “pretty good up until now,” said Hunt, and he had had no consenting issues.


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What Is The Situation With NBC Correspondent Richard Engel’s Hostage Ordeal?

Featured photo - NBC’s Conduct in Engel Kidnapping Story is More Troubling than the Brian Williams Scandal

Richard Engel is one of NBC’s best and brightest foreign correspondents.  He is the chief foreign correspondent.

On Wednesday night, he revealed that the people who kidnapped him and five colleagues in Syria in December of 2012 misled them about their affiliation, leading them to misidentify them in their media accounts of the kidnapping.

The mistake was first pointed out in an April 15th article by The New York Times.

During a Dec. 18th, 2012, appearance on the “Today” show following their escape, Engel identified his captors as members of the “shabiha,” a Shia militia that was loyal to Syrian President Bashar Assad.

Assad is in charge of the government troops and is an Alawite, who are related to and fight together with the Shia.   The Shia are often backed by Iran, a Shia Muslim country.

However, as The Huffington Post reported Wednesday afternoon, new questions about the kidnappers’ group affiliation recently prompted Engel and a team of journalists to adjust their accounts of their five days in captivity in 2012.

After reporting for the past several weeks, Engel recently wrote on Wednesday that his kidnappers were Sunni, not Shia, states the Huffington Post.

That would make his kidnappers affiliated with the rebels, not with the Assad government.

He also wrote that they had “put on an elaborate ruse to convince” them that they were the “shabiha” and allied with Assad, Iran, and Hezbollah.

Was it an honest mistake by Engel?

Engel had previously described the men as part of the Shia militia in TV interviews and a first-person piece for Vanity Fair in March 2013.

Vanity fair recently made a correction to their 2013 article about the hostage ordeal.

California State University professor As’ad AbuKhalil expressed serious doubts early on about Engel’s captors being the shabiha and aligned with Iran and Hezbollah, but  the correspondent’s account was never seriously challenged in the news media.

On the day Engel surfaced in Turkey, AbuKhalil wrote that graffiti visible in a video of the captured journalists included “clearly fake” slogans intended to falsely suggest the captors were Shiites.

Following publication of Engel’s piece on Wednesday, AbuKhalil told The Huffington Post that the episode “shows the extent to which Western media were going out of their way to protect the armed thugs and terrorists of the Syrian armed groups.”

Recently, Engel made a correction article:  “Our kidnapping also became a sensitive issue for the main rebel field commander in that part of Syria, a man known as Abu Ayman. A member of an the Islamist group Ahrar al Sham, Abu Ayman and his superiors were hoping to persuade the U.S. to provide arms to them. Having American journalists taken on what was known to be his turf could block that possibility.”

Ahrar al Sham is a Sunni Muslim rebel group and is supposedly one of the founding groups of the Islamic Front, according to Wikipedia.

According to the BBC, “The Islamic Front refuses to come under the umbrella of the Western-backed Supreme Military Council (SMC) of the Free Syrian Army, but co-operates with SMC-aligned brigades on the battlefield, as well as the al-Nusra Front, al-Qaeda’s affiliate in Syria.”

Several sources state that some former al-Qaeda members work for Ahrar al-Sham.

“US intelligence sources have asserted that an important figure within Ahrar al-Sham, Abu Khalid al Suri, is a senior Al Qaeda operative and acts as Ayman al-Zawahiri’s representative in the Levant,” states Wikipedia.

Ahrar al-Sham was a dangerous group to be hanging around with, regardless of affiliation.

“We have now learned Abu Ayman was personally acquainted, and publicly cooperated with the leader of the group that controlled the farm where we were taken, Ezzo Qussab, a Sunni with a reputation for being a thug.  Multiple local sources say that, while he called himself a rebel leader, Qussab was more of a criminal boss,” wrote Engel recently for NBC.

“After Abu Ayman learned we were abducted and taken to the farm, Syrian sources say, he called for a meeting with Qussab and his deputy, a man named Shukri Abdelbagi, also known as Shukri Ajouj, to demand our release. Even after an intensive investigation, it remains unclear exactly what happened next. The three men can no longer be reached. Abu Ayman was reportedly killed in an explosion last year. Shukri Abdelbagi died in clashes with another group in 2013, and according to several sources who know him, Qussab is in hiding.”

It remains to be seen if Richard Engel will receive disciplinary action for the mistake, or if NBC knowingly made the mistake and didn’t correct it.

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Police Union Outraged At Police Chief For…Condemning Racism

Pittsburgh’s new police chief Cameron McLay is being praised by the mayor but criticized by a police union president for being photographed on New Year’s Eve holding a sign that says: “I resolve to challenge racism @ work.”

The sign also has a Twitter hash tag that says “# end white silence.”

Mayor Bill Peduto said he saw the picture on social media and liked it so much he re-posted it on his own Facebook page.

Peduto said he believes the chief was simply recognizing that racism exists and acknowledging there’s work to be done restoring trust between the city’s police and the black community.

However, Fraternal Order of Police president Howard McQuillan said the sign paints city police as racists and violates a policy governing police participation in social media. McQuillan took issue with the mayor’s previous comments criticizing the police and saying departmental reforms were needed, and fired off an email to the mayor, which the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette reported Sunday.

“By Mayor Peduto labeling us ‘corrupt and mediocre’ and now our current Chief insinuating that we are now racist, merely by the color of our skin and the nature of our profession, I say enough is enough!” the email said.

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NYPD Chief Doesn’t Support Officers Turning Backs On Mayor

NYPD chief: 'I don't support' turning backs on mayor. (AP)

According to Yahoo News, after a video of NYPD police officers turning their back on New York’s Mayor Bill de Blasio went viral over the weekend, the city’s Police Commission Bill Bratton says he does not support “that particular activity.”

The officers were waiting at a Brooklyn hospital where the two policemen were being treated after being shot in their patrol car by a lone gunman who officials say was out for revenge for the deaths of Michael Brown of Ferguson, MO and Eric Garner of Staten Island, NY.

“I don’t support that particular activity,” Bratton said on NBC’s “Today” show of the back-turning.  “I don’t think it was appropriate, particularly in that setting, but it’s reflective of the anger of some of them.”

The Other Side Of The Coin? Milwaukee Police Chief Edward Flynn

Video by Ashley Luthern.

Perhaps this video shows the “other side” of the coin and how hard it is to be a police officer.

In November, Milwaukee Police Chief Edward Flynn spoke to reporters after a Fire and Police Commission meeting concerning the shooting of Dontre Hamilton.

Hamilton was an unarmed black mentally ill man who was shot by a Milwaukee policeman last April.

The video has over 6 million hits since the November meeting.