Chuck Blazer Soccer Scandal

ChuckSoccer1Wikipedia states that Charles “Chuck” Blazer was an American “soccer administrator” and member of the FIFA Executive Committee from 1996 to April 2013, when Sunil Gulati was elected to replace him.

It has come to light that he was an FBI informant used to spy on FIFA, the New York Daily News reported.

Blazer, who is now suffering from cancer, secretly recorded conversations with officials he arranged to meet at his London hotel during the 2012 Olympics, the report said.  He supposedly had a key fob with a secret recording device.

The FBI pressured Blazer into working for them from 2011 because he failed to pay income taxes on millions of dollars he made as a leader of CONCACAF, soccer’s governing body for North and Central America and the Caribbean, said the report published at the weekend.

Other sources are reporting that before he could secretly record international soccer executives at the 2012 Olympics, he had to get approval from Scotland Yard.

That approval — and Blazer’s actions — may hold the keys to help unlock the secrets of global soccer’s legendary corruption.

After the Daily News reported exclusively Sunday that Blazer had spied on his colleagues on behalf of the FBI and IRS at the 2012 London Games, a member of Britain’s parliament called for a probe by his nation’s Serious Fraud Office, an arm of that country’s criminal justice system.