Strange “Nuclear-Shaped” Clouds Seen Over Tyumen, Russia

A giant mushroom-shaped cloud appeared over the city of Tyumen in south central Russia was spotted and shot by amateur photographers across the area, with images quickly going viral online.  Similar “supercell” thuderstorm clouds appeared near Lubbock, Texas, in April.


There has been no official word on what caused the cloud in Tyumen, writes the Irish Mirror.  The huge cloud stopped motorists on roads around the town, who took pictures. The Irish Mirror reported that the appearance of the mushroom-type cloud generated panic, with social media in a tizzy about whether World War III is starting.

Unusual cloud in Tyumen

Unusual cloud in Tyumen

Photo Blog: Strange ‘Nuclear-Shaped’ Clouds In Texas On Saturday

In Lubbock and Amarillo, Texas, on Saturday, a “supercell” thunderstorm erupted, and the tops reached at least 40-50 thousand feet high in the atmosphere. The storms formed in a region of highly unstable air which helped them achieve such altitudes, states The Washington Post.

The storms stand out for their tall structure and imposing presence more than for the damage they produced, states WaPo.

Although each storm discharged large hail, neither made tornadoes or generated wind damage.

Note: video is time-lapsed, not normal speed. 

NWS Lubbock, TX

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Toxic Orange Cloud Forces People Indoors After Chemical Explosion In Spain

Two or three people were injured in an explosion at a chemical plant in northern Spain on Thursday, according to euronews.

Authorities advised residents of several small towns near Barcelona to stay indoors as a large toxic orange cloud spread over the area.  Firefighters said some 65,000 residents of Igualada and four nearby towns were to stay indoors until the cloud dissipated, according to The Mirror.

The regional government of Catalonia said in a statement that the blast appeared to have been caused by two chemicals coming into contact during delivery to the plant, owned by Spanish company Simar.  According to The Mirror, the chemicals were reportedly nitric acid and ferric chloride.

The company Simar could not immediately be reached for comment.

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