Connecticut College Cancels Classes For A Week Over Racism

The president of a school in Connecticut canceled classes Monday following the discovery over the weekend of racist graffiti, scheduling a series of events in their place to promote discussion and “eradicate this ignorance and hatred,” claims ABC News.

The name of the college is “Connecticut College.”

The private liberal arts school, which was called into question earlier this month by language a professor used to describe Gaza Strip, scheduled a day of campus-wide diversity events including an open discussion with administrators and a faculty-led discussion.

The graffiti, including a racial slur, was found shortly after noon Sunday in bathroom stalls inside a student center at the college of 1,900 students in the town of New London.

In a campus-wide message a few hours later, the college dean and director of campus safety asked for help identifying the people responsible, citing “the egregious nature of the graffiti,” states ABC News.

After meeting with students, college President Katherine Bergeron issued a letter to campus Sunday night, saying classes would be canceled to ensure the dialogue on racism and inclusion received appropriate attention.

“We must take action immediately to expose and eradicate this ignorance and hatred,” Bergeron wrote.

The episode follows a controversy earlier this month over a professor’s Facebook post that compared Gaza Strip to a “rabid pit bull.”

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New England: Tens Of Thousands Without Power

According to, tens of thousands are without power in New England due to a storm.

The storm battered New England on Wednesday night as widespread damage was reported. Tens of thousands of customers were without power across Connecticut, New York, Maine and Massachusetts.

The worst part of the storm will continue into early Thursday in New England and into Thursday night in the maritime provinces of Canada, and it will strengthen while moving up the Atlantic coast into Friday.

Connecticut Democratic Mayors Back Gun Law And Malloy

GovMalloy1A group of Democratic mayors are voicing support for Gov. Dannel P. Malloy and Connecticut’s gun control legislation, crediting the law with helping to reduce gun violence.

The Connecticut Democratic Party had a conference call Tuesday between reporters and the mayors to discuss the 2013 law, passed after the Newtown school shooting.

State Democrats claim recent comments by Malloy’s Republican opponent, Tom Foley, indicate he supports rolling back the legislation. Hartford Mayor Pedro Segarra said “any talk of repeal” should be opposed by people living in urban areas.

Foley recently told The Associated Press that if the legislature passed legislation that “lightens up the burdens and restrictions on law-abiding citizens” he’d sign it.

A campaign spokesman said Tuesday that Foley “never said he would seek to repeal the gun bill.”

The Connecticut measure adds more than 100 guns to the state’s list of banned assault weapons, limits the capacity of ammunition magazines to 10 rounds and bans armor-piercing bullets.

While the law allows current owners of magazines that can hold more than 10 rounds to keep them, it requires those people to register the magazines with the state, and forbids owners from loading them with more than 10 rounds outside their homes or while at a gun range.

The legislation also creates the nation’s first statewide registry of people convicted of crimes involving the use or threat of dangerous weapons. The registry will be available only to law enforcement agencies.

It also requires eligibility certificates for the purchase of any rifle, shotgun or ammunition, and significantly increases penalties for illegal possession and trafficking of guns.

It also requires background checks for all firearms sales, including at gun shows, and creates safety standards for school buildings.