Cincinnati Man Set ‘Trap’ For Police: Suicide By Cop?

Trepierre Hummons called 911 then waited with a gun for police to arrive, according to Cincinnati police. When they did, he shot and killed 48-year-old Officer Sonny Kim, a husband and father of three, police said.

Then he opened fire on two more officers, said Cincinnati Police Chief Jeffery Blackwell.

Not long before, he had made a Facebook post that seemed to indicate a plan to commit suicide by cop, according to CNN.

The police, while armed, didn’t know what they’d walked into. When when the 21-year-old Hummons called the emergency operator, he didn’t hint at his plan.

Earlier, he had pretended to be a concerned witness who’d seen a man acting erratically with a gun, according to 911 and dispatch tapes released by police.  Then he gave a description of himself in a shaky voice. “Very early 20s … about like 5 (foot) 6 … he’s a little thick fellow.”

The operator took down his name and number.  Hummons thanked her. The dispatcher notified a policeman in the area.

Hummons dialed 911 again to make sure police were on their way, and he repeated his location.

The dispatcher notified the policeman again. “Copy, I’m in the area,” the officer answered her before bursting into shouts: “Shots fired! Shots fired!”

Hummons wounded Kim multiple times in spite of the protective vest he wore, the police chief said. And when a probation officer arrived moments later, Hummons shot at him, too.

At some point, Hummons’ mother came out to the street.

“The suspect then returned to Police Officer Kim, who was lying wounded on the street and began to fight with him in an effort to take the officer’s firearm,” Police Chief Blackwell said.

Kim struggled as he bled, but couldn’t hang on to his weapon. A third officer, Tom Sandmann, arrived, and Hummons used Kim’s gun to fire at him. But Sandmann returned fire and wounded Hummons.

Both Hummons and Kim later died at a hospital, according to CNN.

Security Guard Fired; Comes Back, Shoots Employee In Back

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According to Raw Story, an Iowa security guard – with a Facebook account loaded with open-carry and right-wing memes and photos of multiple weapons – is under arrest for shooting and killing a fellow mall worker after she filed sexual harassment complaints against him. A later report stated that the man was fired from his job before the shooting took place.

According to The Gazette newspaper, the man, Alex Kozak, was taken into custody after shooting 20-year-old Andrea Farrington three times in the back while she was at work at the Iowa Children’s Museum in the Coral Ridge Mall in Coralville, Iowa.

Police say that the 22-year-old Kozak left the mall, retrieved a 9mm Glock handgun from his home, and then returned to shoot Farrington late Friday night, writes Raw Story.

Milwaukee Cop Suspected Of Shooting Unarmed Man Wants Reinstated

Dontre Hamilton and Christopher Manney

The policeman who shot unarmed Dontre Hamilton in Milwaukee, Wisconsin last year appealed the decision of the Milwaukee Fire and Police Commission to uphold his firing from the Milwaukee Police Department.

Police Chief Edward Flynn fired Christopher Manney after the fatal on-duty shooting of Hamilton, 31, at Red Arrow Park on April 30, 2014.  A panel of commissioners – Sarah Morgan, Kathryn Hein and Steven M. DeVougas – announced their decision to uphold the chief’s discipline in March after five days of testimony.

Once the commission released its explanation of the decision on April 28th, it opened a 10-day window for Manney to appeal in Milwaukee County Circuit Court, writes the Milwaukee, Wisconsin Journal-Sentinel.

Manney filed a notice for review of the decision with the Fire and Police Commission last Tuesday.  The commission filed relevant documents in court on Friday, asking for a judge to be assigned to the case.

Is the Dontre Hamilton case getting enough attention?  In a separate article, the Journal Sentinel writes that state agents took a more hands-on role in the case of Tony Robinson than with Dontre Hamilton.  More than two dozen agents from the state Department of Justice investigated the shooting death of Tony Robinson by Madison police officer Matt Kenny.

However, in the Dontre Hamilton investigation, 10 Justice Department agents went to the scene and three were sent away “shortly after responding when it was determined (their) assistance was no longer needed,” according to the Journal Sentinel.

Corrupt Oklahoma ‘Good Old Boy’ System: Wealthy White Businessman Threatens To Get Cops Fired After DUI

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When interacting with police, does it matter if you have wealth, power, or influence?

According to Raw Story, police in an Oklahoma town said city officials tried to block the drunken driving arrest of a well-connected businessman and have threatened officers after they refused.

A wealthy businessman named Brian Haggard was stopped two months ago by Chelsea, Oklahoma, Police Officer Nicholas Pappe and charged with driving under the influence, according to KTUL-TV.

Police said they received telephone calls from influential officials in the city, including the police commissioner and city manager, asking officers to go easy on Haggard, according to Raw Story.

“If you would give me a free pass tonight, I would sure appreciate it,” Haggard told the officer on police dash cam video.

The officer continued the arrest, and Assistant Police Chief Travis Hogan said city officials have made clear since then they are unhappy with him and the police chief.

“We live in a good ol’ boy system here in this town,” Hogan said. “My officers have received threats. I personally and the chief has received threats to our jobs,” he said, according to Raw Story.

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San Jose P.D. Cop Accused Of Rape Is On Suicide Watch

San Jose police officer Geoffrey Graves looks toward his lawyer, Darlene Bagley Comstedt, during his preliminary hearing at the Santa Clara County Hall of

When the woman said she didn’t want to stay home after arguing with her husband, the policeman took her to a hotel.

He waited in the parking lot until a second policeman left on another call. Then, according to an allegation, patrolman Geoffrey Graves returned to the room, where he shed parts of his uniform but left on his bulletproof vest — and raped her.

The actual incident supposedly took place in September 2013, and he was arrested in March of 2014.

On Friday, his hands were tied to a chain around his waist, and the San Jose police officer accused of rape appeared in court clad in full jail garb for the first time since his arrest more than 11 months ago, including a yellow and red uniform marking him as a maximum-security inmate on suicide watch.

Jail officials refused to comment Friday on whether they have Graves on a suicide watch, according to San Jose Mercury News.

However, under the jail’s classification system, inmates who need to be checked on regularly to make sure they don’t kill themselves are clad in yellow shirts, as Graves was wearing in court.

Officer Geoffrey Graves’ came to court for his preliminary hearing on Monday, March 9th in a white, cuff-linked shirt and black slacks.

At the time, he faced three felony charges that could put him in prison for about 13 years: the alleged Sept. 22 rape of a woman he met on a disturbance call and two counts of domestic violence against an ex-girlfriend, who works for San Jose police as a dispatcher.

After both witnesses testified, prosecutor Carlos Vega moved Wednesday to charge Graves with new no-bail crimes that could put him in prison for life, and he was taken into custody in tears. He remains on paid administrative leave.

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San Francisco Man With Airsoft Gun Killed By Cop

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A 32 year old man was shot multiple times in an apparent “Suicide by Cop” in the parking lot of the Mission District Police Station in San Francisco.

On Sunday, Matthew Hoffman, 32, confronted police outside the department’s Mission station, brandished a pellet gun. He was shot and killed by officers who thought it was a real handgun.

The case now appears to be one of suicide by cop.

Michigan Cop Fired For Cutting Off Detained Woman’s Weave

According to the Huffington Post, a Michigan police officer was fired after cutting the hair off a detained woman’s head.  Also, she will be getting her job back against the wishes of her department.

An arbitrator ruled that Warren Police Officer Bernadette Najor be reinstated to the suburban Detroit police force with full back pay, according to the local newspaper The Macomb Daily.

The action starts to take place at roughly the 6:15 mark.

Tim’s Take: Antonio Martin Updates and CCTV Footage

Tim’s Take has video footage of the Antonio Martin shooting in Berkeley, Missouri, from 3 different angles.

St. Louis Police released CCTV footage of the Antonio Martin shooting. All camera angles are distant. Watch the videos and judge for yourself.

Tim’s Take video.

Texas Cop Gets ‘Bad Ass’, Takes Down 76-Year-Old Man

In Victoria, Texas, police officer Nathanial Robinson, 23, pulled over local resident Pete Vasquez, 76, for an expired inspection sticker. Things soon got blown out of proportion when the cop takes down, beats up, and tases the 76-year-old man.

Right-wing World Net Daily covered it:

David Pakman video.

Oops…Phoenix Police Officer Shoots Dead Unarmed Black Man

According to Reuters, a Phoenix police officer recently shot to death an unarmed black man during a struggle.  Authorities said the officer supposedly believed the individual had a gun.

The Phoenix Police Department said Rumain Brisbon, 34, was sitting in a black Cadillac SUV outside a convenience store on Tuesday evening, and two witnesses told the officer the occupants of the vehicle were selling drugs.

Phoenix police said in a statement that its officer called for backup, and then saw Brisbon appear to remove something from the car’s back seat.

It said the officer, a seven-year veteran of the department, gave him commands to show his hands, and then Brisbon “placed one or both hands in his waistband area” and fled.  The officer chased and caught up with him, it said, and during a struggle the policeman thought he felt a gun in Brisbon’s pocket.

“The officer gave the suspect several commands to get on the ground but he refused to comply, yelling profanities at the officer,” said the police statement issued on Wednesday.

A resident then opened an apartment door and both men stumbled into her home, it said, adding that the officer was unable to keep a grip on the suspect’s hand.

“…the officer fired two rounds striking Brisbon in the torso,” said the statement.

Backup officers began CPR until the Phoenix Fire Department arrived and treated Brison at the scene. He later was pronounced dead.

Police spokesman Sgt. Trent Crump said the item being held in Brisbon’s pocket was a pill vial containing a number of oxycodone tablets.

“All I know is I ain’t never seen him do a transaction,” said Brandon Dickerson, who claimed he was with Brisbon that night. “Only thing I know is he got some food, he went to take his food to the kids, and I ain’t seen him no more.”

Police said Brisbon’s girlfriend lives at the apartment with children.

Police found a semiautomatic handgun and a jar containing what is believed to be marijuana inside the vehicle.

“I don’t care what they found in his car,” said the Rev. Jarett Maupin, a local civil rights activist. “He wasn’t armed and didn’t have marijuana on his body … when this incident happened.”

Crump said Brisbon has a criminal record.  However, it is not clear why selling drugs would warrant such drastic action.