2 Police Fatally Shot In Mississippi, Suspects Arrested

Two police officers were fatally shot and a police cruiser stolen during a traffic stop in Hattiesburg, Mississippi, on Saturday night.

Authorities said they had arrested three suspects and charged two of them with capital murder, according to the New York Times.

NBC states that three suspects, including two brothers, were arrested in different locations after a manhunt that lasted into the early hours of Sunday morning, said spokesman Strain.

The Mississippi Department of Public Safety announced that Marvin Banks, 29, and Joanie Calloway, 22, have each been charged with two counts of capital murder, and Mr. Banks’ brother, Curtis Banks, 26, has been charged with two counts of accessory after the fact of capital murder.

The suspects fled after the incident, according to The New York Times.  Marvin Banks reportedly drove off in a police car that was later found abandoned about a quarter mile from the shooting incident, according to the Wall Street Journal.

A spokesman for the Hattiesburg Police Department, Lt. Jon Traxler, said that both brothers are residents of Hattiesburg. The suspects are being held in a county jail until a court appearance scheduled for Monday.

The officers were taken to Forrest General Hospital, according to The Clarion-Ledger, a newspaper in Jackson, Mississippi.

The county coroner identified the slain men as Benjamin Deen, 34, a canine officer; and Liquori Tate, 25, a recent graduate of the police academy.




Man Known For Being Santa Hit With Snowballs At Eagles Game Passed Away


Frank Olivo became a Philadelphia legend when he played Santa Claus at an Eagles game in 1968. As he walked across the field, upset fans pelted him with snowballs.


“In the late 1960s, the Eagles would end each regular season with a halftime holiday show that featured Santa. But on Dec. 15, 1968, the regular Santa was snowbound in New Jersey.

“An Eagles staffer spotted Mr. Olivo, wearing a Santa suit and a fake beard, with relatives at the 40-yard line, and asked him to fill in. He was told to wave to the fans as walked the field.”

As he did, fans upset with Philadelphia’s performance pelted him with snowballs.

Olivo died Thursday, April 30.


Building Collapse In Bangladesh


Police said at least five people were killed and about 100 feared trapped after a cement factory collapsed in Bangladesh on Thursday, according to Reuters.

Soldiers and sailors in the port town of Mongla helped emergency services search through the rubble and pull out more than 40 survivors, according to Reuters

Euronews claims at least six people have died and 30 more have been injured in the collapse.

Another 50 are still feared trapped, according to euronews.  Authorities said that up to 100 people were inside five-story cement factory at the time of the accident.

“Most of the people inside the building were the construction workers including the people who recovered alive … The recovery efforts are going on very carefully to avoid further risk” said Khulna district police chief Nizamul Haque Mollah, Reuters reported.

Crash On Ohio Turnpike Kills Pregnant Woman, Unborn Baby

A heavy snowstorm on Saturday is to blame for an Ohio Turnpike crash that killed a Michigan woman and her unborn child.

The Ohio Highway Patrol said Beverly Smith, 32, of Middleville, Mich., and the baby she was carrying died as a result of their injuries. Her husband, Eric Smith, 33, suffered serious but non-life threatening injuries, the patrol said.

Eight vehicles were involved in the crash, which blocked all of the westbound lanes of the turnpike. The crash involved five semi-trailers.

The woman was a passenger in a Ford F-150 that her husband was driving when the crash occurred, the patrol said. They were trapped for a long time in the vehicle, which ended up underneath a trailer. Once they were removed, the Smiths were taken to Firelands Regional Medical Center in Sandusky, Ohio.

Six other people were injured, but they refused to be treated or taken to the hospital, police said.

Sandusky Register

Father Christmas Buried In Essex, U.K.

According to The Daily Mail and express.co.uk, someone called Father Christmas was laid to rest in a churchyard in the village of Dedham, Essex, on May 30, 1564.

An entry in the parish record for that month, reads: “The 30th Day, Father Christmas was buried.”

A spokesperson for Essex Records Office confirmed it was no joke and that careful research had uncovered a whole host of Christmas family members living in Essex.

Christmas was not an uncommon surname in the area around that time, according to the spokesperson.

“It appears with some frequency in north Essex and south Suffolk and by 1881 the name was still largely concentrated in the south east of England,” he said.

He also said, “The title ‘father’ is most likely the usage given in The Oxford English Dictionary as ‘a respectful title given to an old and venerable man.'”

Idaho Shooting Spree: 4 Shot, 3 Dead

4 shot, 3 dead in Moscow, Idaho

Four people have been shot and three are dead after a series of shootings in the town of Moscow, Idaho.

The City of Moscow Police Department has released the names of the victims. Three people have died including 76-year-old Moscow businessman David Trail, Arby’s restaurant manager Belinda Niebuhr,47, and the suspect’s adoptive mother and Moscow Family Medicine Physician’s Assistant Terri Grzebielski, who was 61 years old.

The suspect has been identified as Moscow resident John Lee.

Police believe Lee shot Grzebieski at her residence in the 400 block of Veatch Street in Moscow.

Another shooting happened at the offices of Northwest Mutual Life Insurance at 303 E Third Street in Moscow. Trail and Michael Chin were shot by Lee during that encounter and Trail was taken to Pullman Regional Hospital and declared dead when he arrived.

Chin was taken to Gritman Medical Center and is currently listed in critical condition.

The third shooting happened at an Arby’s restaurant in Moscow. Police say Lee entered the restaurant, asked for the manager, and opened fire with a weapon. Neibuhr was taken to Gritman Medical Center and was declared dead.

Lee left the scene in a black Honda and was taken into custody and booked into Whitman County jail after a high-speed pursuit.

YouLatestNews / NBC / KHQ News

The Importance Of Doing Ebola Right

KaciHickox2The U.S. has 120 times more doctors per capita than Sierra Leone – it has 240 doctors per 100,000 people compared to 2 doctors per 100,000 people in Sierra Leone.

According to the Washington Post, the hospital that treated Ebola victim Thomas Eric Duncan had to learn on the fly how to control the deadly virus, adding new layers of protective gear for workers in what became a losing battle to keep the contagion from spreading, a top official with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said Tuesday.

“They kept adding more protective equipment as the patient [Duncan] deteriorated. They had masks first, then face shields, then the positive-pressure respirator. They added a second pair of gloves,” said Pierre Rollin, a CDC epidemiologist.

Despite the infection-control efforts, a nurse, Nina Pham, 26, somehow contracted Ebola at Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital Dallas while caring for Duncan. Pham was treated at the same hospital, and was later moved to Bethesda, Maryland and is now Ebola-free.

A second worker who cared for Duncan, Amber Vinson, also tested positive for the virus.  She was treated in Dallas and then moved to Atlanta and has now also completely recovered.

On October 14th, CDC Director Thomas Frieden expressed regret that his agency had not done more to help the hospital control the infection. He said that, from now on, “Ebola response teams” will travel within hours to any hospital in the United States with a confirmed Ebola case. Already, one of those teams is in Texas and has put in place a site-manager system, requiring that someone monitor the use of personal protective equipment.

“I wish we had put a team like this on the ground the day the first patient was diagnosed,” he said. “That might have prevented this infection.”

There are widespread concerns about the Ebola epidemic in the United States.  In the Duncan case, the CDC sent disease detectives to help track down people who might have been exposed, but the agency largely let the hospital handle its own infection control.

At least 76 workers were potentially exposed to Duncan in the hospital before he died Oct. 8, and they were monitored daily for any signs of fever or other symptoms.

From the beginning of the Ebola crisis, disease experts and Frieden in particular have insisted that U.S. hospitals have the training and equipment to handle a highly contagious patient.

Any advanced hospital in the country has the capacity to isolate a patient, he said. “There is nothing particularly special about the isolation of an Ebola patient other than it’s really important to do it right,” he said at the time.

ThomasDuncan1The revelations in mid-October suggest that Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital was not fully prepared for the unfamiliar virus and had to adjust its protocols as Duncan’s illness progressed. The hospital did not respond to a request for comment by the Washington Post.