SDSU Frat Boys Throw Eggs, Wave Dildos At Rape Protesters

According to Raw Story, “Greek leaders at San Diego State University have announced that they were suspending all fraternity parties and social functions indefinitely after a weekend that not only involved taunting people protesting sexual assault, but also the seventh sexual assault at a fraternity house since the semester began in September, U-T San Diego reports.

“The InterFraternity Council admitted that the fraternity members who pelted participants in Friday’s Take Back the Night protest against sexual assault with eggs and waved dildos at them behaved in a manner that did “not reflect the values of the Greek community at SDSU.”

Keep in mind, the protesters are not protesting sex, they are protesting rape.  Oddly, the fraternity members seem to have a problem with that.  They must want the right to commit rape…?